New Mobility in Saxony-Anhalt

HERE we set mobility in motion.

The journey into the future of mobility has begun. Electromobility and alternative drives, intelligent networking, autonomous driving, digital mobility services in urban areas or smart transport and logistics solutions for the transportation of people and goods are examples of the mobile reality that the logistics and automotive industry are working on today.

The mobility of tomorrow is being conceived and tested in Saxony-Anhalt. HERE, components, systems and technologies are being developed as advance development for the automobiles that the OEMs will create tomorrow. And HERE procedures are optimised for new, manageable, and rapidly implementable technologies.


Good reasons – Strengthening the New Mobility Site of Saxony-Anhalt

Experts in Saxony-Anhalt have been working on the future of the automobile for a long time. Every car in the world is already driving with a part from Saxony-Anhalt. With the founding of the Association of German Engineers, the region became the cradle of German engineering. And here, at this chemicals and plastics site with a tradition going back more than 100 years, the materials for the vehicles of the future are being created. Saxony-Anhalt is therefore taking on the pioneering role in the field of new mobility in numerous niches related to the production processes of the vehicles of the future.

Sector Competencies

Location Competencies