Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving

IT solutions for vehicles here help to simplify the driving experience - whether it be in the vehicle itself, in traffic, or inside and outside cities. Saxony-Anhalt is developing solutions in the fields of networked vehicles and autonomous driving.


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Connected Vehicles

Connectivity is a central keyword of the new mobility. Modern vehicles are normally equipped with internet access, or possess WLAN. This makes possible communication within the vehicle between the individual vehicle systems, and the communication of the vehicle with external systems. The data exchange makes it possible, for example, for the system to notify the driver if they exceed the mandatory speed limit. Or to warn of traffic jams or accidents that have just arisen, so that they can be circumvented.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomes Fahren

A good book behind the steering wheel, while the car moves independently through the traffic? This kind of “autonomous vehicle for everyone” is certainly still a utopian idea. But many automated functions are already a reality in vehicles on our roads - from parking systems, to the automatic distress call function and lane assistant, to classic ABS.