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Barbara Weinert-Nachbagauer
Head of Marketing
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HERE at the Investment and Marketing Corporation, we passionately believe in Saxony-Anhalt. We promote the state nationally and internationally as an attractive location for business and science, a beautiful holiday destination, a state for cutting-edge engineering and exceptional careers, a place to thrive and call home or a place that always welcomes you back.

Be it through interactive online marketing, traditional publications, adverts, promotional videos or radio ads, we encapsulate Saxony-Anhalt’s potential and use all available mediums and channels to directly target our audiences – from visitors to decision makers and investors – with the latest key information.


Our areas of marketing

Location Marketing

Invest in Saxony-Anhalt

Mandy Bunge
Coordinator Location Marketing 
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 73

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Tourism Marketing

Travelling Saxony-Anhalt

Annika Jeschek
Coordinator Tourism Marketing
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Location Marketing

In order to further cement Saxony-Anhalt’s reputation as a prime location for business and science, the location marketing from the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) is thoroughly geared towards market developments and the needs of the target audience. HERE is where investor services and marketing come together.

In our location marketing, we pursue our own business location strategy as well as the leading markets set out in Saxony-Anhalt’s Regional Investment Strategy and transform these into multimedia marketing that focuses on fields of expertise and portray Saxony-Anhalt as a confident, modern and open-minded state that wins over hearts and businesses looking for a location where they can prosper. This is also the aim of our Centers of Excellence marketing campaign, which focuses on twelve selected locations in Saxony-Anhalt where science, research and business are brought together on one site.


Marketing Fields of Expertise

When we market Saxony-Anhalt’s fields of expertise, we show that the state is an innovative and thriving business location. Our In Focus Topics explain more.

HERE is where we promote unique selling points, potential, future markets, innovation, success stories of local businesses, partners and value chains.


Centers of Excellence

If you think Saxony-Anhalt is lacking in innovation, think again. Our Centers of Excellence campaign provides evidence to the contrary and shows how something impressive is emerging in Saxony-Anhalt. After all, HERE is where innovation begins. HERE, researchers make groundbreakingdiscoveries. HERE, entrepreneurs ready their products for the market. Twelve Centers of Excellence in Saxony-Anhalt offer the perfect conditions for this innovation.

The aim of this campaign is to emphasize Saxony-Anhalt’s status as a confident, modern and open-minded business location.


Collaboration: Trade Fairs & Events

The IMG is tasked with organizing promotional exhibits for Saxony-Anhalt as well as joint stands, giving companies based in Saxony-Anhalt the chance to present their products and services at internationally renowned trade fairs and events and supporting the local economy in sales promotion and market research.

Team Location Marketing

Tanja Rüdinger
Project Manager
Intl. Communications &
Strategic Location Marketing
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 76

Madlen Leuffert
Project Manager
Social Media & Content Marketing
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 92

Nicole Krüger
Project Manager
Marketing Culture/Creative Industry
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 14

Kristin Barth
Project Manager
Trade Fairs & Events / MICE
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 93

Daniel Görner
Project Manager
Trade Fairs & Events 
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 95

Tourism Marketing

In order to further cement Saxony-Anhalt’s reputation as a holiday destination, the tourism marketing from the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) is thoroughly tailored to market requirements and the needs of key target audiences. We target cultural and city travelers, nature enthusiasts, travel and conference organizers and representatives from other sectors. 

Tourism Strategy

Saxony-Anhalt’s tourism master plan is a comprehensive strategy for all of the state’s stakeholders and a basis to systematically guide the state’s tourism marketing.

The aim is to increase our tourism’s added value by enhancing the quality of what’s on offer to help position Saxony-Anhalt for the long term as a desirable holiday destination. As part of our tourism strategy, we set core priorities, highlight stimulus for long-term, effective growth and set out primary objectives for well thought-through, targeted marketing based on key findings from sound market research.


Market Research

Informative, current data is crucial to identifying opportunities, risks and developments in tourism. It helps support marketing management and give clear direction when setting out aims. A fundamental part of this is the effective selection and processing of marketing information.

As a center of expertise, the IMG regularly gathers information on the basis of a systematic market research strategy, interprets the results and shares the findings with tourism partners in the state in order to ensure optimum use of financial resources and strategic destination management.


The IMG regularly offers opportunities to take part in events to meet and speak to representatives in the travel industry, the press and potential visitors.

Pooling budgets when there is an increased need for financial resources when competing on the national and international stage helps to make the most of existing synergies between stakeholders in the tourism industry in order to achieve a higher market penetration.

Team Tourism Marketing

Judith König*
Project Manager
International Marketing & Social Media Marketing
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 87

*on parental leave

Martin Fricke
Project Manager
Nature and Active Tourism,
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 83


Angelika Beulecke
Project Manager
"Reisen für Alle", Travel Agency Support,
Picturte Database, Brochure Service
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 88

Katrin Leiding
Project Manager
Trade Fairs & Events
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 84

Nicole Krüger
Project Manager
Marketing Culture/Creative Industry
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 14

Corinne Plaga
Project Manager
Digital Communication
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 19


Malte Zander
Project Manager
Digital Projects & Data Management
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 85


Katharina Scholz
Project Manager
International Marketing
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 87

Kristin Labs
Project Manager
Tel.: +49 391 568 99 93