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HERE the chemistry is right.

Saxony-Anhalt forms the core of the Central German chemical triangle and is one of the most attractive locations for the chemical industry worldwide.

HERE is the Who's Who of the international chemical industry at home. A mixture of global players and innovative small and medium-sized companies shape the face of the industry in the state and have always been working on developments in the chemistry of tomorrow.

Traditionally, Saxony-Anhalt offers the complete value chain from basic chemicals to the processing industry. In the fields of polymer synthesis, agrochemicals as well as fine and specialty chemicals, the state has developed into a leading competence center. A distinctive raw materials network, supported by the state's 5 chemical parks, creates profitable synergy opportunities.

Universities, technical colleges and specialized training centers provide the necessary up-and-coming generation of specialists, while numerous research institutes are dedicated to the issues of improved processes and new products. Well-established clusters and networks bundle the industry's competencies

> Overview of Saxony-Anhalt's competencies in research, education and network

Future topics in chemical industry

Chemistry is behind much of what makes our daily lives better, is the basis of economic production and last but not least, science very often cannot do without chemical processes, solutions or material developments. Innovations in chemistry open up the possibilities of tomorrow's world. In Saxony-Anhalt, companies, research institutions and networks form particular specialization profiles in the future-oriented fields of chemical park concept and integrated materials, chemistry for drives, sustainable chemistry and high-performance materials.


Fields of specialization - chemical industry in Saxony-Anhalt

From basic chemicals to finished chemical products - the companies in Saxony-Anhalt cover the entire value-added chain of the chemical industry.

Based on its tradition, Saxony-Anhalt has succeeded in establishing itself as a driver of innovation not only in the agrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors, but also in the fields of detergents, construction chemicals, synthetic resins and fibres or industrial chemicals. Each of these special fields of chemistry is represented by competent players in Saxony-Anhalt.

Industrial chemicals

Simplified graphical representation of a chemical compound consisting of one larger atom and four smaller atoms connected by lines.

Industrial chemicals

basic chemicals

fine chemicals and specialty chemicals

synthetic resins and fibres

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Simplified graphic image of a small mound of earth from which a double-leaved plant grows.



plant protection


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Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Simplified graphic representation of a circular pill. Above it is a two-petalled plant.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

pharmaceutical chemistry

medical products


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Chemical finished products

Simplified graphical representation of a tilted Erlenmeyer flask filled with liquid. A drop falls outside the vessel.

Chemical finished products

paints, adhesives

construction chemicals

soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, cosmetics, perfumes

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Research, education and network

Overview of Saxony-Anhalt's competences in research, education and network.


Clusters and networks