Hidden Champions in Saxony-Anhalt

HERE is where Hidden Champions lead the market.

Firmly anchored in the region, solidly grown and highly innovative - our Hidden Champions.

In many industries, they belong to the innovation drivers in Europe and they are regarded as the originators of Germany's export success. As small to medium-sized companies, they often bring their niche applications to the world market faster than large companies, mostly resulting from in-house research. This self-developed success is one of their secrets.



HERE, bio-economy creates standards. Sustainable economic activity requires responsible use of resources. This is lived in Saxony-Anhalt. HERE we have understood the cycles of nature, think bio-economically and set standards.

Chemical Industry

HERE the chemistry is right. HERE is the Who's Who of the international chemical industry at home. A mixture of global players and innovative small and medium-sized companies shape the face of the industry in the state and have always been working on developments in the chemistry of tomorrow.


HERE it creates Furure. Saxony-Anhalt relies on the innovative strength of young companies from the information and communications industry. There is growing potential here that we need in order to advance the digitisation process in Saxony-Anhalt and to cope with future challenges.

Industry 4.0

HERE is where advanced progess comes into play. In Saxony-Anhalt, production is interlinked with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The driving force behind this development is the rapidly increasing digitisation of the economy and society.


HERE medicine has the right technology. Starting with imaging procedures, intelligent catheters and surgical robots through to telemedicine - Saxony-Anhalt is home to state-of-the-art medical technology. A high level of professional competence has been established in this territory for decades.

New Mobility

HERE we set mobility in motion. The mobility of tomorrow is being conceived and tested in Saxony-Anhalt. HERE, components, systems and technologies are being developed as advance development for the automobiles that the OEMs will create tomorrow. And HERE procedures are optimised for new, manageable, and rapidly implementable technologies.

Smart Materials

HERE materials think smart. In Saxony-Anhalt, ideas for smart materials are not just copied from nature. They are usually rather inconspicuous and yet they have become indispensable for technological progress and our everyday lives: Smart Materials.


Sustainability and efficiency are no longer just buzz words in the industry of mechanical and plant engineering but are crucial factors for success. Four successful businesses form Saxony-Anhalt explain how to automate processes efficiently.

Super Foods

There are numerous scenarios of how our diet will change in the coming decade - from ready-mixes from the 3D printer to pills and power bars, from resource-saving nutrition in which algae and insects as protein suppliers and raw foods are an integral part of our diet to self-sufficient life forms in which residents find their balance between work and leisure, economy and ecology.