HERE we are better together.

In the crisis, entrepreneurs, universities, research institutes and committed people in Saxony-Anhalt prove that they are agile, innovative and creative, they tackle and think in a modern way. HERE people with ideas change the markets, they find solutions and show that Saxony-Anhalt is a location with a future - even in difficult times.

Our pathfinders find solutions, define new goals and pave the way for opportunities arising from times of crisis. The Investment and Marketing Corporation presents them, reports on TRULY advanced researchers and developers, TRULY pioneering companies and TRULY inspiring personalities.


HERE researchers and developers always find a way.

Saxony-Anhalt's strong research landscape is internationally recognized. HERE you can find out how our researchers and developers contribute with their expertise to master this time full of new challenges in a truly progressive way.


HERE doers pursue their goal.

Saxony-Anhalt is the location for small and medium-sized companies, for hidden champions and global players. HERE you can find out how processes are changed, how thinking around the corner is done and how real pioneering ideas are built up.



HERE forward thinkers set the direction.

People from Saxony-Anhalt roll up their sleeves, tackle the job, think outside the box. HERE you can learn more about people and their commitment, how they think, act and make a real difference.