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Here, anything is possible. This is where companies and individuals alike shape and realize their grand plans. Saxony-Anhalt is open: it is a place where anyone can feel good . The dynamic environment offers young people in particular the freedom to flourish. Our diverse cultural scene and enchanting countryside delights both visitors and residents.


                                                   The state                                                                           With room
                                                   to feel at home                                                                       to unfold




Here is where the future is made – at 29 business-oriented research institutes. Engineers and scientists join forces to tackle varying challenges and work together on problems that will underpin the livelihoods of the next generations. Our twelve Centers of Excellence bring together stakeholders from research and development. This makes for fertile ground for young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Their ideas lead to new patents and products that are met with huge demand on the world market.


                                              29 business-oriented                                                    Centers of Excellence 
                                              research institutes                                                         for business and science




We are no strangers to hard graft: for more than 150 years, Saxony-Anhalt has been a proud location for renowned engineering. That’s why so many strong sectors have established themselves here in the state, including mechanical and automotive engineering and chemicals. Highly motivated skilled workers help to guarantee this success – and this can be seen in the positive attitudes of the locals: an exceptional 97% of the general public in southern Saxony-Anhalt agree that the industry is important for their region.


                                                  97% industry acceptance                                              Engineering location  
                                                  among the general public                                            for more than 150 years




Here in Saxony-Anhalt, we look ahead. Bright minds from 150 different countries are focused on the future. They are studying, teaching and researching at our universities and globally renowned institutes, where their inquiring minds can really flourish. They benefit from a technology-oriented economy that fosters practical research and development. As a closely-knit cluster, they collaborate at our twelve Centers of Excellence to make the most of their effective work.


                                                       Talents and researchers                                        A technology-oriented
                                                       from 150 nations                                                    economic landscape





Here is where we customize service, for investors and for businesses. It’s easy to get things up and running in Saxony-Anhalt thanks to good links to local authorities and administration, rapid approval processes and short project times. Our state-of-the-art transport and logistics infrastructure enable the fast turnaround of goods and our central location in Europe provides optimum access to the East European economic region.


                                                  Tailor-made services                                   Straightforward access
                                                  for businesses                                               to  politics and administration



11 benefits – at a glance




Our state-of-the-art transport and logistics infrastructure enable the fast turnaround of goods.



Highly motivated, qualified staff secure your long term success.

A dynamic economic region

Saxony-Anhalt is the leading location for direct foreign investment in eastern Germany.



Our rapid approval processes and short project times help to simplify your market entry.


Together with a stable, secure legal system, modest production costs will give you a decisive competitive advantage.


Acceptance of industry

Industry is welcome in Saxony-Anhalt: 97% of the population in southern Saxony-Anhalt are of the opinion that industry is very important for the region; in Cologne, by contrast, it is only 56%.

Access to markets

Our central location in Europe guarantees you optimum access to the East European economic region as the EU expands eastwards.

Security of investment

Its political and legal stability makes Saxony-Anhalt into an especially reliable partner for investments, also over the long term.

Promotion of investments

Against the backdrop of excellent funding arrangements, you can expect to make considerable reductions to your investment, training and R&D costs.


Free-of-charge service

The free-of-charge, professional relocation support services offered by IMG allow you to focus fully on your core area of business.


Saxony-Anhalt is not only an excellent business location, but also a federal state with a high quality of life.

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/// Support with questions on funding and finance
/// Support with recruitment and hiring
/// Authorities and approvals management

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