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Games! For billions of people worldwide, computer and video games are an integral part of their everyday lives. In Germany, over 34 million people regularly use interactive entertainment. This makes Germany the fifth largest sales market in the world.  But games are more than just entertainment.

They play a key role in the digitization process - as a promising economic sector. They are innovation drivers for forward-looking technologies such as 3D and network technology, XR applications or artificial intelligence.

Games build bridges into our technology-based lives. They connect the analogue with the digital world. They help to rethink processes and products digitally. Using a cultural technique that every child has mastered: playing.

To educe future costs, health insurance companies use feedback systems to motivate members to do more sports. Retailers use a bonus program to retain customers and to keep follow-up purchases steady. Hospitals train doctors via VR in complicated surgeries - unlimitedly often, without endangering lives. All this is made possible by the transfer of technology and knowledge from the gaming and XR industry to new fields.

Companies from Saxony-Anhalt have recognized the potential of games for society and economy and are making more out of games - more ENTERtainment, more EDUtainment, more APITs.

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APITs - Applied Interactive Technologies describes the interactive, technology- and method-based potential of games for the industrial revolution 4.0. How can APITs help to cope with digitization and how can game technologies be used? How can APITs help with the digitization of the economy? Our success stories provide information.


Success Stories & Applications from Saxony-Anhalt


EDUtainment means the playful transfer of knowledge combined with great entertainment value.

The aim is to increase the user's ability to learn through animation, motivation, effects, audio and interaction; knowledge transfer can also be carried out in a playful way. This is used, for example, in training, further education and training as well as in marketing.

Success stories from Saxony-Anhalt


From development to publishing - games specialists and games generalists are at home in Saxony-Anhalt.


Success stories from Saxony-Anhalt

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