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Location is established. Research and training centres are spawning high-performance specialists – they are programming the state for the future! About 2.000 innovative and partially internationally active companies form the information and communication technology (ICT) sector, which includes industry giants such as DELL, the world’s largest computer manufacturer. We know the passwords for their ideas.

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The main focus of Saxony-Anhalt’s ICT industry lies in the field of software and IT services. About 80 percent of ICT companies are active within this specific sector. This industrial sector has 16,000 employees, and it continues to grow. Primarily experts who develop software individually for companies work here: automotive suppliers, energy suppliers and mechanical engineers as well as public administration and financial service providers benefit from software made in Saxony-Anhalt. Although the IT landscape mainly consists of small and medium-sized enterprises, global players such as IBM, DELL und T-Systems also feel at home in this part of the world.


The IT industry in Saxony-Anhalt has continued to grow. The IT sector has long since expanded beyond its niche status:

  • More than 2.000 predominantly medium-sized enterprises employ approximately 16,000 workers.
  • Current annual sales amount to more than € 2,2 billion. (Source: Association of IT and Multimedia Industries in Saxony-Anhalt e.V., 2018)
  • The State's institutes of higher education teach approximately 3.500 students in IT-specific majors.

ICT Companies

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T-Systems Deutschland

Innovative Developments and Companies in Saxony-Anhalt

  • Telekom subsidiary T-Systems built a second data center in Saxony-Anhalt, a Twin Core Data Center - one of Europe's largest data centers
  • GISA is the largest independent IT service provider in Central Germany - process and IT consulting, development and implementation of innovative IT solutions
  • regiocom with its headquarters in Magdeburg is the largest service provider for the German energy industry's IT and business processes
  • TSA Public Services Magdeburg is an IT consultant and service provider specialized in cloud-based services for information and knowledge management
  • AV-TEST GmbH is a leading worldwide leading independent provider of services in areas of IT security and anti-virus research
  • DIGITTRADE GmbH develops and produces external hard drives and USB sticks with hardware encryption, as well as certified solutions for the storage of sensitive data on mobile storage media
  • Measurement technology from IDS Innomic GmbH makes vibration visible and measurable - information for product improvement and vibration monitoring

Highly Skilled Specialists and R&D

Highly skilled specialists: a highly qualified and motivated pool of workers from the region contribute decidedly to the success of local businesses. The State's institutions of higher education offer a broad selection of IT- and telecommunication-specific courses of study and train numerous graduates for the entire spectrum of the industry:

Aside from the various educational possibilities at two universities and three state-run institutes of higher education in Saxony-Anhalt, there are additional outstanding education and training programs offered by renowned and certified educational institutions.

Research and Development is a priority in Saxony-Anhalt. In the last six years the State supported a total of 60 research and development projects to the tune of 10.2 million Euros.

Examples of projects supported:

  • Development of a monitoring system for energy suppliers by msu solutions GmbH (Halle/Saale)
  • Development of an "infrared 3-D scanner" by Aimess Services GmbH (Burg)
  • Development of the patient management system "imed" by advanto Consulting GmbH (Magdeburg)


In Saxony-Anhalt the IT-Telecommunications industry is extensively networked. The Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt mbH is your point of contact for all questions concerning the IT industry in the State.

The Association of IT and Multimedia Industries in Saxony-Anhalt e.V. serves as platform and megaphone for regional companies. It represents their interests and offers assistance for industry-specific issues. In addition, the association dedicates its efforts to questions such as education and training, as well as recruitment of up-and-coming talent and highly skilled specialists, and active collaboration with the national association BITKOM.

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Saxony-Anhalt offers a variety of funding opportunities for investors. Various programs target the individual needs of companies in various developmental stages.

The funding options extend from direct investment grants and funding of employees, to grants for research and development projects.

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