A stimulating focus on the small things

The STIMULATE Research Campus in Saxony-Anhalt provides for visible economic effects

“When you use the phrase ‘focusing on the small things’, we mean much, much smaller,” says a man who does big things: Prof. Dr. Georg Rose is the spokesman of the STIMULATE research campus. He represents an extensive network of collaborations – between the Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Siemens Healthcare GmbH and a variety of other players in the field of medical technology.

With his explanation of the word “small”, Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Georg Rose explains the focus of the partnerships: STIMULATE stands for new and innovative technologies surrounding image-guided minimally invasive methods in the field of medicine. With a close practical relevance, work is ongoing on the optimization of the methods of examination and treatment - by improving the medical imaging and developing specialist instruments, such as needles and catheters. Image-guided minimally invasive procedures are particularly important in the treatment of strokes and tumors.

The keywords of "small" and "big" also describe the most recent coup at the research campus: a newly founded company, Neoscan Solutions GmbH, has emerged from the special cooperation between science and business in Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Neoscan develops MRI devices which are so small and compact that they can be used directly at children's wards. In combination with incubators, they are even available to the very youngest of patients. Until now, the complex technology for magnetic resonance imaging systems (MRI) has had to be permanently installed in several rooms. “We have succeeded in gaining the support of the local industrial companies,” enthuses Prof. Dr. Georg Rose. “We have also found reliable private investors who want to advance Magdeburg as a location due to their own interests.” This will provide excellent opportunities to launch the MRI devices on the market in a few years’ time.

Responsible for propelling and stimulating all of the partners is a shared vision. STIMULATE wants to become established as the “German centre for image-supported medicine”. Rose and his fellow travellers envisage a campus at the Magdeburg Science Port, at the heart of which is the university, with its exceptionally successful courses in Medical Systems Engineering (master's) and Medical Technology (bachelor’s), which are receiving increasing numbers of applications each year. Business partners have settled in direct proximity – science and business next door to each other. The distances are small, but the economic effects are big.


  • STIMULATE – the “Solution Centre for Image Guided Local Therapies” – is also supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digitalisation of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.
  • Otto-von-Guericke University, Siemens Healthcare GmbH and the STIMULATE association are working together on an equal footing in the form of a public-private partnership.
  • In the STIMULATE association, extramural research institutions, universities and companies from the area of medical technology cooperate and work together.

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