Tourism Industry


With its unique blend of richly varied culture, historical heritage and genuine scenic beauty Saxony-Anhalt is an attractive destination for tourists from both within Germany and abroad. But it’s not just tourists who are increasingly opting to visit the state, resulting in a constant boost in demand: Saxony-Anhalt is also positioning itself with investors as an up-and-coming location in the field of tourism investment.


Major large-scale industrial facilities are currently being developed in the region that are attracting international interest, impacting not just the economy but the tourist infrastructure, too. As a result, a unique opportunity is emerging to get involved in proactively shaping the development of the tourism industry and contributing to the appeal of the region in the long term.


HERE investments pay off.



Figures for 2023

  • 3,358,493 million arrivals (+7.1% compared to the previous year)
  • 8,357,082 million overnight stays (+5.6% compared to the previous year)


Most popular destinations in 2023

  • Harz and Harz foothills (1.1 million arrivals and 3 million overnight stays)
  • Magdeburg, Middle Elbe region (822,000 / 1.9 million)
  • Halle, Saale-Unstrut (706,000 / 1.6 million)


For further information, see: Saxony-Anhalt Tourism: Market research


The benefits of Saxony-Anhalt

A region of large-scale investments


Geographical advantage

Network and powerful partnerships

The tourism sector is well networked in Saxony-Anhalt! The Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt mbH combines tourism marketing and support for investment in the state’s tourism sector under one roof.

The Network: