Center of Excellence for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry: Saxony-Anhalt showcases its convincing sector expertise at the CPhI 2019

Chitosan, pharmaceutical analysis, investment services and Centers of Excellence at the Saxony-Anhalt stand of IMG in hall 12.1 // stand H20

Magdeburg/Frankfurt am Main. Pills aren't always bitter: it isn't just Aspirin®, the best-known pain relief tablet in the world, which is produced in Saxony-Anhalt. With a turnover of more than one billion Euros, the pharmaceutical industry is the most important investor in the healthcare sector in Saxony-Anhalt. "The unique selling point of our pharmaceutical industry is its willingness to innovate. No branch of industry has invested more in research and development (R&D) than the pharmaceutical industry," explains Thomas Einsfelder, Managing Director of IMG – Investment and Marketing Corporation of Saxony-Anhalt.

As part of the presentation for the federal state in hall 12.1 // stand H20, the IMG – Investment and Marketing Corporation of Saxony-Anhalt will be joining forces with Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH, the world market leader for high-quality chitosan, as well as Wessling GmbH, one of the leading analysis, testing and consulting companies in Europe, to present the pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals location of Saxony-Anhalt. The focus will be on the outstanding innovations, interdisciplinary working conditions and research activities in the federal state. In addition, 16 other exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt will be represented at the trade fair.

"This year, we will be presenting our range of chitosan products for the pharmaceutical industry once again. New chitosan derivatives are now available so as to offer even more precisely specified chitosans as auxiliary agents for drug delivery systems. In addition to solid forms, we are now able to offer small series as liquid fillings. In addition to this, with our high-purity GMP-compliant quality chitosans, we are frequently involved in customer innovations worldwide as well as in the development of new chitosan derivatives," highlights Katja Richter, Managing Director of Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH from Halle (Saale).

Sebastian Herbst, Head of Strategic Sales at WESSLING Germany, is also taking some innovations with him to the trade fair appearance in Frankfurt: "On the one hand, we are offering analysis and advice on pharmaceutical cannabis. We support companies which are allowed to grow medical cannabis in Germany in the future or want to import flowers and oils. Our services include advice, audits and analysis at our GMP-certified laboratory in Münster. WESSLING has the necessary narcotic license according to Section 3 of the German Narcotics Act of the German Narcotics Agency to carry out such analyses. Our pharmaceutical experts examine the batches for their identity, content and purity. We are also very pleased that we have recently doubled our capacity for pharmaceutical analysis and consulting. We now have more modern, brightly lit laboratories with high-quality technology extending over more than one thousand square metres."

"At CPhI, we want to invite additional partners to join forces with the businesses and research institutions to benefit from the location factors and services provided by IMG in Saxony-Anhalt as an economic development agency at a strong German pharmaceutical location," explains Einsfelder, summing up the services offered by IMG of Saxony-Anhalt. In this respect, IMG accompanies businesses with their investment projects and provides them with support in the fields of promotion and financing, industrial sites, skilled staff and internationalisation.

Sebastian Herbst, Head of Strategic Sales at WESSLING Germany, confirms that Saxony-Anhalt can offer pharmaceutical companies the best conditions: "The WESSLING location in the Halle-Saale-Kreis district, or more precisely in Landsberg, was established in 1990. A branch office with a cutting-edge laboratory and forward-looking consulting services was established here – attributes that continue to characterise the location today. In the region of Saxony-Anhalt, WESSLING works for customers in Germany and Europe.

Background: The pharmaceuticals location of Saxony-Anhalt

The federal state has an established pharmaceuticals and vaccines industry, it is the birthplace of homoeopathy, it has a long tradition as a location for the chemicals industry, it is home to research companies, manufacturing locations and institutes of higher education which cooperate hand-in-hand along the entire value chain, and it also has high-performance clusters and networks: it is this mix that makes Saxony-Anhalt so successful as a location for the pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals industry. And there will be a special focus on three factors in Frankfurt:

  • Due to its long standing tradition as a location for the chemicals industry, Saxony-Anhalt has become established as an important centre of expertise in the field of fine chemicals in Germany. With the businesses and research institutes in Saxony-Anhalt, highly specialised know-how is concentrated here. In the shape of 4chiral, a unique network between manufacturers of speciality and fine chemicals and scientific institutions also exists
  • Specialist industry parks, such as the Center of Excellence, BiopharmaPark Dessau, offer services to companies in the pharmaceuticals sector that help them to focus on their core area of business. BiopharmaPark Dessau is home to pharmaceutical companies that don’t just benefit from the specialist infrastructure and service network available at the location. The close proximity between the businesses also results in synergies – which range from the production of pharmaceuticals to their packaging and all the way through to research and development. BiopharmaPark Dessau has become a global centre for pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Further info:
  • A specialised infrastructure and funding structure in Saxony-Anhalt supports start-ups in the pharmaceutical sector, at the Center of Excellence, Weinberg Campus, for example, which is the second-biggest technology park in eastern Germany, and which is now the biggest centre of innovation for the life sciences and material sciences sector in Central Germany. More than 70 companies and institutes, facilities, and service providers from the areas of biotechnology, biomedicine, environmental and medical technology, nanotechnology and IT have made the technology park their home. "With our location in Halle, we are located directly at the source of chemical knowledge and highly qualified employees. We cooperate with leading German research institutes in the heart of the chemicals industry. Our proximity to Leipzig/Halle Airport guarantees short transport distances for our worldwide shipping. In particular, temperature-controlled shipments for pharmaceutical products can be dispatched exceptionally quickly," says Katja Richter, Managing Director of Heppe Medical Chitosan GmbH, explaining her choice of location. Further info:
  • Saxony-Anhalt is the beating heart of the chemical sector in eastern Germany. Here, at one of the most attractive locations for the chemical industry in the world, annual sales of approximately seven billion Euros are generated. The federal state has a total of 5 chemical parks – all of which are Centers of Excellence. Further info:

Information on the locations and exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt is available here

Further exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt at the CPhI WW 2019:

>> Aristo Pharma GmbH - hall 12.1 /// stand C72

>> BASF SE - hall 8 /// stand K40

>> Chemische Fabrik Berg GmbH - hall 4 /// stand G10

>> CIECH Soda Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG - hall 10.2 /// stand F73 

>> Dr. Felgenträger & Co - hall 12.1 /// stand F80

>> Evonik Industries AG - hall 8 /// stand H60

>> IDT Biologika GmbH - hall 12.1 /// stand F80

>> Klocke Pharma Service GmbH - hall 12.1 /// stand F80

>> Minakem SAS - hall 10.1 /// stand B30

>> MinAscent Technologies GmbH - hall 10.1 /// stand B30

>> Lyocontract GmbH - hall 9.2 /// stand F23

>> Oncotec Pharma Produktion GmbH - hall 12.1 /// stand F80

>> ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH - hall 10.1 /// stand C62

>> Sandoz GmbH - hall 4.1 /// stand G10

>> SYNTHON Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG - hall 10.1 /// stand C62

>> Wacker Chemie AG - hall 12 /// stand B32

Background: The CPhI Worldwide 2019

Launched in 1990 as an international trade fair for chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the CPhI is now one of the biggest trade fairs in the world for the pharmaceuticals industry. It functions as a forum for manufacturers, suppliers and customers in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. It covers all of the active pharmaceutical substances as well as outsourcing-, equipment- and bio solutions. More than 45,000 visitors are expected to attend the CPhI Worldwide in Frankfurt am Main, which is taking place from 5 to 7 November. 2,500 exhibitors from 153 countries will be attending the event.