MedTech - special know-how

Medical technology is a highly complex occupational field. New scientific findings constantly affect the everyday lives of doctors, patients and researchers. Saxony-Anhalt's companies demonstrate special know-how in the fields of e-health, imaging and autonomy in old age.



Medical imaging

Imaging techniques depict the inside of the body - either completely or partially. Imaging techniques help doctors diagnose a disease, determine its severity and monitor patients. Companies and research institutions in Saxony-Anhalt have special know-how in working with radiation such as X-rays, computer tomography (CT) and radionuclide images, sound waves such as ultrasound examinations and magnetic fields such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Success story: 2tainment GmbH

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) are opening doors to new worlds in all sectors. Computer games, in particular, are paving the way for innovative technologies: nowadays, modern gaming technology isn’t just being used in entertainment, it can be found in every industry. The Magdeburg-based company "2tainment GmbH" is demonstrating the strength of companies from Saxony-Anhalt in the market.

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When computer scientists help doctors on their way: The best medicine is the doctor – so say both studies and life experience. But what if there is no doctor – because no successor was found for the family practice in a sparsely populated region, or because an aging population needs more medical care than the current capacity is able to provide? This is where telemedicine – an example of E-health – can step in. Computer scientists in Saxony-Anhalt are collaborating closely with doctors, transforming measured data into images, helping to transfer data, and therefore improving medical care.

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Autonomy in old age

Saxony-Anhalt has acquired a worldwide reputation for supporting innovative thinking in medical technology and technology to answer the medical questions of the future. The chapter "Autonomy in old age" deals with the research of countless products from the fields of neuroscience and medical research, which are intended to minimize the restrictions in old age. The focus here is on the most common phenomena associated with ageing, including early detection of dementia, telemedicine and treatment of common diseases.

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