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Daimler Truck AG is setting up its Global Parts Center in Halberstadt. From the smallest screw to complete cabs, in the future Mercedes-Benz trucks all over the world will be supplied with spare parts from the Harz region. The energy concept of the logistics center is also ground-breaking.

If a Unimog in Norway needs a new radiator hose, a heavy-duty truck in Brazil has a faulty indicator or the window lifter unit on a vehicle in China has failed, then the right spare part will be supplied from Halberstadt. Daimler Truck AG is currently building its new Global Parts Center in the town in the Harz region. The spare parts warehouse certainly promises to be impressive. It will come into operation gradually from 2025 and the building complex will keep no fewer than 300,000 different items in stock.

“We are in Halberstadt for the long haul and, in the future, we will be a permanent feature in the region. Our new Global Parts Center is the largest logistics project in our corporate history. The new logistics site will play a key role in keeping our trucks, our economy and our society functioning,” said Jörg Howe, Special Representative Communications and External Affairs at Daimler Truck AG.

“Our new Global Parts Center is the largest logistics project in our corporate history.”

A total of 2,600 suppliers in more than 170 countries will provide the global parts warehouse with components for Mercedes-Benz trucks.
In a three-stage logistics process, Halberstadt will supply around 20 regional logistics centers in a number of European countries, Türkiye, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and China. These sites in turn will deliver parts to the regional dealerships.
The parts, which will be stored in an automated high-bay warehouse and an automated small parts warehouse, can be accessed immediately using ultra-modern storage and conveyor systems.

“The new logistics site will play a key role in keeping our trucks, our economy and our society functioning.”


The new building with a floor area of 270,000 square meters is currently being constructed in Halberstadt Industry Park East. In the future, the logistics center will employ 600 people. The energy concept at the center is completely fossil-free and the site will use no natural gas or oil. The buildings will be heated with electric heat pumps that bring heat inside via underfloor heating systems. The low water temperatures needed and the ability to store heat in the industrial flooring will result in a high level of energy efficiency.
Large-scale photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Global Parts Center will generate up to 13 million kWh of electrical energy per year. This is more electricity than the site will use. The excess energy will be supplied to other Daimler Truck sites in Germany. In addition, charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes will be provided for employees. Charging options will also be available for suppliers’ trucks, whose fleets are gradually being electrified.

The energy concept is completely fossil-free. The site will use no natural gas or oil.

Daimler Truck AG is one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, with over 40 production sites around the globe and more than 100,000 employees. It supplies trucks, city and intercity buses, coaches and bus chassis. 

The first Daimler motorized goods vehicle was delivered to a customer in London in 1896. Gottlieb Daimler’s first truck had payload of 1.5 metric tons and was powered by a 4-horsepower, 2-cylinder Phoenix engine.


Author: Friedemann Kahl


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