Precise navigation with metal structural technology

MEWA produces precision components for shipping, rail construction and medical technology

Mechanical and plant engineering is a leading market in Saxony-Anhalt. The companies operating here include MEWA GmbH. Thanks to highly qualified employees, highly modern production machinery, and the digitalisation of work processes, the company is a reliable producer and supplier of precision parts made of metal.

When large cruise ships sail safely upon the oceans, even in fog at night, or travel up to the Arctic ice edge, then captains, crew and passengers can trust in the reliability of the precision technology of this metalworking family company from Saxony-Anhalt.

MEWA GmbH from Klein Wanzleben, to the south-west of Magdeburg, produces, among other things, the mast mountings and gearboxes, together with inner workings, for ship’s radars. Precision is needed for the production and assembly, because the radar beams, which are easily three metres long, have to rotate evenly and reliably around the clock and even in stormy seas with high waves.

React flexibly to the market and customer requests

Gearboxes for ships’ radars are not the only safety-relevant components and assemblies produced by the employees of MEWA GmbH. “Our production portfolios are diversified and we can react flexibly to the market”, says Stefanie Brockhaus, Managing Director of this medium-sized company. “So far, our customers come from the industries of shipbuilding, rail vehicle construction and medical technology, among others.” Special parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and metal foams are produced at the customer’s request. The company supplies prototypes, custom-made items, and also short runs of several hundred pieces.

From the prototype to the short run: Quality is guaranteed

The range of products is very wide. It includes flywheel masses weighing almost a tonne with gas-nitrided sprocket for large ship’s diesel engines, and counterweights for the ship crankshafts, vibration dampeners for bogies of rail vehicles, floor trays for WC cabins, and many small components used in medical technology. 

“For us, the highest precision and swift order fulfilment are not mutually exclusive; combining them is our strength”, emphasises Quality Manager Franke. All the metalworking steps from drilling, turning, milling, edging and shearing, pressing-in and welding, are certified to the currently highest level. In its handling of orders, MEWA GmbH cooperates predominantly with industrial partners from the region. For example, they take on other processing steps such as metal cleaning with sandblasting, priming and painting.

From metalware traders to producers of precision parts made of metal

This family company was founded 69 years ago, on 23.2.1951, as a purchasing and supplying association of the metalworking trade. The family company has always remained loyal to the site in the vicinity of Magdeburg.

The production and assembly of special parts and modules made of different steel grades and metals has been substantially expanded during the past five years. More than 700,000 euros have been invested in the modernisation of the company’s own machine park and a modern production and assembly hall on 700 square metres of built-over area.

Production is carried out on the most modern metalworking machinery

Drilling, turning, milling and pressing-in machinery meeting the current state of the art is used for production. The latest investments are a bend press and a guillotine shear. The bend press, weighing almost 14 tonnes, makes it possible to produce components with narrow radii and elaborately shaped precision parts. The high-performance guillotine shear can be used to cut through steel sheets up to 12 millimetres thick and more than three metres long. The time-consuming post-processing of metal parts by hand is effectively no longer necessary thanks to modern bending, pressing and cutting technology.

The employees possess the highest qualifications and certifications, including for welding processes such as stud and orbital welding.

Mechanical engineer from Syria integrated into the company

The company from the Magdeburger Börde has recently also recruited a mechanical engineer specialising in aviation technology. Two years ago, the young man came from Syria to Saxony-Anhalt as a war refugee and now already has a good mastery of the German language. “He wants to help us to further expand our production capacities”, says MEWA Managing Director Stefanie Brockhaus.

A logistically favourable site in the vicinity of the state capital

The company’s proximity to the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt and numerous cooperation partners in the surrounding area are advantages of the site. Looking into the future of Industry 4.0, MEWA is on its way to digitalising various business processes, e.g. in the field of order processing and warehousing. “We are committed to swift deliveries and guaranteed quality”, said Stefanie Brockhaus.  “Our customers know that they can rely on adherence to the promised delivery times.”

Autor: Uwe Seidenfaden

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