Punctuality counts in automobile production

Turkish company for car seat covers is gaining momentum in Saxony-Anhalt

The automobile supplier industry in Saxony-Anhalt has a new member: Baya GmbH in Groß Bartensleben enriches the industry, which, with more than 260 companies and over 23,000 jobs, counts towards the growth potential in the lead market of mobility and logistics. Thousands of components and assembly units make up a car today. It is a particular challenge making sure that every piece is available on the assembly line on time. The logistics for this is complex and requires exact procedures with each supplier. In the village of Groß Bartensleben, just a 30-minute drive from the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Baya GmbH depends on reliable employees and modern technology. The branch manager Volkan Baydar calls this interaction "indispensable".

The company, which originated in Turkey, has been operating in Germany since 2004 and decided on a new site in Saxony-Anhalt at the beginning of this year. A modern logistics centre came into being within a few months, from which the individual parts for seat covers for the VW Passat and Tiguan models are delivered. Production started here in September. Baydar refers to the choice of location as a conscious decision for Saxony-Anhalt, since the A2 motorway is just outside the front door. The necessary permissions for the new construction with 3000 square metres have been issued quickly and easily, and the property offers room for expansion.

Trucks from Turkey arrive in Groß Bartensleben almost every day. They bring huge boxes directly from the manufacturers with the sets with which the seat covers are made. They are checked for completeness at Baya as well as at other places. Each delivery arrives through a lock in the huge hall. Through RFID (radio frequency identification), the incoming parts are recorded in just a few seconds and without visual contact. At the core of the process is a transponder, which is integrated into an adhesive label. "Our system knows exactly what has arrived in the warehouse", says Baydar. A maximum of 120,000 sets can be kept ready for Volkswagen. There are almost 80 different designs for the Tiguan model alone – made from leather or fabric, with or without the centre armrest, and for vehicles with right-hand or left-hand drive. There are approximately a further 25 variants for the Passat model. Inspecting, sorting and reworking on faults are included in the range of services provided by the company. Preparing and labelling complete the portfolio. Storage and assembling the production come from a single source "just in time".

It is currently a challenge for the twelve employees. Their number could rise to 19 next year if VW also orders supplies for the Touran model via Saxony-Anhalt. Each item must be hung by hand on a special hanger, which later enables optimum further processing at the site. At the same time, individual parts are linked together through a barcode, which enables the exact assignment in production. "We are talking about coupling – everything has to fit so that there are no problems during production", says the branch manager. The requirements are met by the service provider 24 hours before a set is required by VW in Wolfsburg or the factory in Emden.

Author: Klaus-Peter Voigt on behalft of IMG - Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt

Volkan Baydar
Branch Manager
Baya GmbH
39343 Groß Bartensleben
phone: +49 (0) 163 3423617
E-Mail: volkan.baydar@baya-gmbh.com