Video kit from Saxony-Anhalt impresses Intel, Nokia and HP

Greetings cards, e-cards and SMS were yesterday – well-wishers now prefer to use video. But it is better if it is not a half-hearted copy but rather a self-made creation! This is easier than ever thanks to a video editor from Halberstadt: producing a clip with music, text and sound effects is a piece of cake with “Shakem”. The application is impressive: Nokia phones as well as PCs, laptops and tablets from Hewlett Packard (HP) were equipped with “Shakem” in the spring, announced Norbert Petter, CEO of Petter.Letter GmbH. 

IMG: Mr Petter, do you like making videos?
No, not really. But since "Shakem" it is unbelievable fun creating magic with simple video clips. It is almost like being a child.

IMG: How could something like "Shakem" your video kit ever come about then?
It was the children and teenagers! They love making films and sharing them online straight away. But there is no online application – not even a simple one – for making a film with text, music, and sound effects turn into a party invitation. Or a presentation with photo transitions, an apology for Grandma because you forgot her birthday, or a love note to someone you adore. Sales videos, product presentations or commercials are also imaginable in the business sector.

IMG: In all honesty, it doesn't sound like something new. What is so special about this video editor compared to the hundreds of others on the market?
Put it this way: it is unique enough that not only has Intel USA signed a contract with us but also Nokia and the largest PC and printer manufacturer in the world, Hewlett Packard (HP). And as yet, there is actually no other purely web-based, intuitive and learnable software that turns its users into directors within seconds.

IMG: You exaggerate!
Not at all. Shakem provides five media tracks. Simply drag and drop your videos into a track, select your music, then get sound effects such as gong, bing or drum roll, and place the text underneath if you want. There are also snippets in our media library, so that you can have a finished, dramatic video within a few minutes. You can even have the text read out by our software if you want. (We employed an acoustic editor for this who is visually impaired. He refines the digital reading voice).

IMG: Tell me about the contract with Intel
Intel entrusts us to test the Ultrabook with the latest processors that are not yet on the market. The company thereby ensures that the Intel processors can also manage such programs and applications that require tremendous computing power. Such as Shakem. A few years ago Shakem would not have run on any normal computer. 

IMG: And what benefits do you have from this partnership?
For us this is an accolade! A world player wants our product to be compatible with their technology. We are allowed to be part of the development of new processors. And Intel takes us to trade shows and exhibitions. The advertising effect is priceless. We can be very confident in negotiations – with Intel at our side.

IMG: Technology transfer on the one hand – but how will your company, Petter.Letter GmbH, make money?
In a few weeks, Shakem will be pre-installed on all computers, laptops and tablets supplied by HP. We currently have over 15,000 active users and up to 1000 are added every day. This will significantly increase further with HP – we initially estimate 5000 to 8000 a day. We also have Nokia as our second largest partner. Again, we will be pre-installed on every Nokia Windows phone.

IMG: But users do not generate any revenue – Shakem is available for free.
Correct. We are currently focused on the technology – Shakem needs to run trouble-free otherwise the users will quickly lose interest. But it is also clear that in the summer the beta will be gone – and with it our "puppy licence". There will also be the first services that are no longer free of charge. For example, larger storage or advanced databank access. With this now very popular "Freemium" model, we want to further develop Shakem and consolidate it financially. If it can be avoided, we want to spare the users from advertisements.

Author: regioM

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