Secure parking for motorists and charge

Those traveling on German motorways will know about the steadily increasing frequency of heavy-goods vehicles. As a result, the parking spaces are becoming increasingly filled by lorries, whose drivers must comply with the required rest periods. Bosch Communication Center Magdeburg GmbH has developed a solution that opens up the possibility for the logistics industry to better plan rest periods for drivers and to secure their transported goods during the standing time. The "Bosch Secure Truck Parking - Safety for Driver and Vehicle" is expected to be introduced in the summer of 2014. The project manager is Thomas Rollin: "Lorry parking spaces can already be reserved in advance."

IMG: What innovative idea is behind the concept of "Secure Truck Parking"?

Thomas Rollin: On the one hand, we equip a certain number of parking spaces at selected lorry stops with modern video surveillance. On the other hand, forwarding companies or lorry drivers get the opportunity to book one of these parking spaces in advance, making route scheduling much easier, or even on the move if it is easier to estimate within which time frame the next parking space is available. It is already possible to reserve a simple parking space via our internet platform. Our next step is to plan the premium reservation with video surveillance, which is activated at our Bosch security control centre in Magdeburg. The concept of "Secure Truck Parking" is so far unique in Germany.

IMG: It is clear that the reservation system takes away the need to search for a parking space and that lorry drivers can be more relaxed about the location of their break. Furthermore, dangerous parking can be avoided. But is "secure parking for vehicles" also required in practice?

Thomas Rollin: Yes. A driver sleeping in the front cabin will not notice if there is someone is sneaking around the lorry trailer. Trailers are targeted by so-called slasher gangs relatively frequently. They slash the sides to first check what transported goods are underneath. This alone can cause considerable damage. However, secure parking is also of particular need for those carrying valuable cargo, such as medicine or computing equipment.

IMG: How does the surveillance work?

Thomas Rollin: Products and systems are developed in the division of Bosch Security Systems and selected rest stops in Germany are equipped with them. For example, cameras and sensors are installed at the secure parking spaces. If someone "suspiciously" approaches the lorry, the video camera relays an alarm signal to the security control centre. The staff member there can look on the monitors to see if there is anything suspicious. They can also check if nothing is amiss at the rest stop via the audio system. In case of emergency, a so-called action plan is contractually agreed with the rest stop or the customer. 

IMG: How can one reserve such a parking space?

Thomas Rollin: The procedure applies for both the simple reservation as well as the premium reservation with video surveillance. We have developed the information and reservation platform for this. The platform operates as an online shop, where each customer can purchase their reservation access data. "Secure parking for driver and vehicle" is not just for lorry drivers but is also offered to caravan owners.

IMG: What will this cost the customers?

Thomas Rollin: A parking space reservation costs between 3 and 5 euros per booking. For the monitored parking spaces, the prices are between 3 and 5 euros per hour depending on the security level.

IMG: How large is the network of secure rest stops?

Thomas Rollin: We expect the first premium parking spaces at the Hohenwarsleben rest stop on the A2 motorway to be opened in the summer of 2014. The others will follow quickly afterwards. We want to get to a stage where all 200 to 300 kilometres of motorway offer premium parking spaces at a "secure rest stop". Simple reservations can already be made at 15 rest stops, which are listed on the website.

Author: Kathrain Gaubaum
Photo: Bosch
Caption: Bosch Secure Truck Parking spaces are monitored by video and radio in the control centre.


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