A major search from the beginning

A sea of data floods the world. But Stefan Groschupf and his team are working on clearing this situation up. They want to provide companies with a simple instrument with which they can quickly and effectively utilise data: the big data solution known as “Datameer” is like an angel, but cleverer.

Stefan Groschupf calls his large-scale project, which definitely has the potential to become a life’s work, “democratisation of data analysis”. At age 19 the autodidact programmed a search catalogue for the university library in his hometown Halle (Saale). Later he actually wanted to develop a new Internet search machine based on the framework of the “Hadoop” programme. The software and the company Datameer emerged from this. It specialises in the analysis of big data. The slogan is “stay curious”.

Datameer can detect trends in large volumes of data in real time, yet to do so the user requires almost as little expertise as with the keyword search via Google. A world first! Ready cash for companies which want to analyse their own datasets in a market-effective manner. A treasure that only had to be raised from the tides!

In 2009 Groschupf looked for investors in California’s Silicon Valley – and quickly struck a bonanza. At the latest in 2011 he made his first big waves as financial investor “Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers” leaped into the fray with 9.25 million US dollars. After that Datameer brought other backers on board. A total of 76.8 million dollars have been invested to date. Datameer has hundreds of clients and 175 employees worldwide.

The constantly growing team of developers is still located in Halle with about 60 clever minds. “You can find real potential in this city”, says Chief Executive Officer Stefan Groschupf. He is someone who should know.