The Italian company ISOPAN backs Saxony-Anhalt

The Italian traditional company Isopan opened its production facility in Saxony-Anhalt in September 2013. The brand that has been well-known on the local market for years wants to strengthen its market position as a quality provider of building insulation with its own location in the heart of Europe. With success, as the trend over the last few years shows.

Wettin-Löbejün is not just a linguistic challenge for Italians. However, the location, which is part of the city of Halle in Saxony-Anhalt, was deliberately chosen by Gruppo Manni. “Saxony-Anhalt is one of the most ambitious states in Germany with a positive development,” Jörg Mario Reiter, General Manager of Isopan Deutschland GmbH, explains the choice of the location. “Even though the construction industry across Germany is showing a slight decline there is still a great deal of activity being registered in Saxony-Anhalt and the other new states. Thanks to the central location in Germany and the good infrastructural connections we can also supply central and northern Germany and northern and eastern Europe from Halle.” Production was started with a workforce of 32 employees in September 2013. Today more than 50 employees work in Wettin-Löbejün, which stresses the location’s positive development.

The Isopan brand has been well-known in Germany for decades. The Italian producer of panels for wall and roof insulation was founded 40 years ago and has heavily relied on export since then. It is one of the largest manufacturers of metal insulation panels with a high isothermal coefficient for roofs and walls. 4,000 customers are in the meantime served every year with 12 million square metres of panels at five production locations in Italy, Romania, Spain and Germany as well as two sales offices in France and the Czech Republic. The panels are used to improve the thermal efficiency of residential, industrial and commercial buildings. They meet the specific requirements for resistance and tightness in industries such as animal breeding or deep-freezing. The top products determined for the German market, the Isobox (self-supporting metal panel), Isoparete Evo (model for walls with an advanced design) and the Isocop roof panels (coverings for residential and industrial buildings), are produced in Saxony-Anhalt.

“With our location in Saxony-Anhalt we deliberately decided on regenerating industrial wasteland instead of a new building,” reports Mario Reiter. “The region has a great deal of potential to offer in this respect and this has to be exploited. As an international investor we received great support from the authorities during our relocation.” Isopan is quite an important employer for the city of Halle with more than 50 employees. The availability of workers and lower costs of living are additional site advantages for Isopan Deutschland.

Isopan is one of the trademarks belonging to the traditional Italian Gruppo Manni industrial group that has been working in the steel industry for 70 years. 400,000 tonnes of steel products are processed every year by Manni Sipre. For example, 6,000 tonnes of steel elements were supplied for the pavilions at EXPO2015 in Milan. Another sector is Manni Energy with the development and production of turnkey photovoltaic, wind energy and bio gas plants. As a result, the holding currently includes 21 production, service and sales centres worldwide. The strategic expansion of Isopan is being continued in 2015. It is planned to open two new production locations in Russia (Volgograd) and Mexico (in the Guanajuato district). Isopan will continue to only be active with its own production site at its location in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. “We also want to secure this location for the future to maintain a strategic important spot in the heart of Europe,” says Mario Reiter.

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