We open worlds.

Integrative industry, intelligent production systems and customer-specific system solutions in building communications begin as early as your front door.

Everyone knows them, the visions from the ground-breaking film of the 80s – “Back to the Future” – intelligent living rooms, video locking systems, displays throughout the home that provide the inhabitant with information about the weather and any upcoming appointments. Some of these visions are already normality nowadays.

These visions are also developed by companies like the TürControlSysteme AG (TCS) from Genthin. Rather unassuming from the outside, arranged in a historical building, engineers and design engineers here develop new digital building communication and automation systems. TCS AG has worked at the premises in Genthin since 1995 and is one of today’s market leaders when it comes to the segment of individual complete solutions in building communications.

Equipped for the era of Industry 4.0

In the past 20 years, the company has grown constantly and is equipped for future technology today. Because the requirements on building communications have increased and changed rapidly, both in the private segment and in terms of individual communication solutions for industrial and commercial construction. “Door communication in buildings will no longer be self-contained in the future,” says the CEO, Otto Duffner. Which is why his motto for the constant change and developments in his company is: We dare to take the step from the door into the building and are networking communication with security, navigation and building automation. Integrative and individual system solutions are sought after.

With this demand, TCS is expanding its premises in Genthin and investing in the latest technology for the corporate sectors of Building Architecture and Building Communication in terms of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

Customised building communication and security solutions for architects and planners

The requirements on security are also increasing with the new technology in functional buildings. If customers have invested in the past with little demand on design and increased demands on functionality, then the vision nowadays is keen on configurable solutions and entrance architecture that can be individually customised. For this reason, TCS has repositioned itself. In the future, three strategic corporate sectors will support and further develop the company. Classic building communication remains the most important revenue driver within the company. The field of Building Communication Management (BCM) consolidates customer-specific, web-based communication and security solutions for the housing industry and functional building. As well as Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), individual entrance controls, risk information and concierge systems are part of the BCM system solutions. TCS will address the target group of planners and architects directly with the Building Architecture corporate sector. The new symbol holder family SIGNAGE forms the prelude for a series of modern navigation systems, which can be customised and flexibly adapted to any structural and architectural challenges.

As a fourth independent corporate sector, the manufacturer’s brand Carus will establish high-quality and exclusively designed products concerning building technology and the home on the market.

A further course is clearly recognisable: today’s audio systems in buildings will switch in the future to video systems with individual software-based access rights and information systems. Mobile control of building communications will soon become standard with interfaces and IP devices.

The market of networking – intelligent architecture in the future

Digital systems are already meeting a great reception on the Asian market and creating enthusiasm. TCS is represented here with more than seven sales offices and has established itself in the segment of luxury brands with individual complete solutions.

The customers in China live and work in a networked manner – almost everything in the building here is connected and controlled through the display and with mobile end devices. Appointments and meetings can be digitally planned, meeting rooms can be booked through the networked communication within the building and even unlocked digitally.

The visions and innovations at TCS are often characterised by the committed company founder, who absorbs new inspirations all over the world. This inspiration is then implemented by the more than 30 design engineers on the staff of 250 employees worldwide. They network with their knowledge and find individual solutions to realise the project.

Gaining specialist workers for SMEs

To date, it has been possible for the company to cover the demand for specialists in the industry. The apprenticeship at TCS is exemplary: for example, apprentices have been awarded the title of best in Germany several times. Of the apprentices, some now carry out responsible activities within the company. As TCS has bases in many German locations and around the world, specialists are also recruited internationally.

With the intensive development of contacts to local research and academic facilities in Saxony-Anhalt, supported by the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt, work is being carried out to further develop the company and combat the exodus of young specialists. “Hopefully in the future, with exciting challenges, we will be able to attract young specialists to TCS as well, who will develop ideas and visions with us for Building 4.0 in the era of Industry 4.0,” says CEO, Otto Duffner.

At home in the world

Nowadays, TCS is a global player. Directly after the company foundation in Saxony-Anhalt, a subsidiary was founded in Austria, with India, Serbia and Turkey following. TCS is the market-leading OEM partner in Switzerland. The internationalisation expanded in 2002 with the foundation of TCS Intelligent Building Shanghai. Today, TürControlSysteme AG is firmly anchored in 19 countries and is one of the market leaders of digital building communication.