We are making the impossible possible

Intelligent logistics solutions are being developed in Leuna

“It is our challenge to transcend current boundaries, to make the impossible possible and do the extraordinary” – this is corporate philosophy. This is the daily challenge of Jens Krawczynski and his team at Mammoet Deutschland GmbH in Leuna, a location that specialises in chemistry.

For almost 25 years, the 172 employees in Leuna have faced these challenges. As part of the privatisation of the Leuna factories and the development of the chemistry-specialised location, under the management of InfraLeuna, the management board of Mammoet decided to address and offer the particular services required by chemical companies. The necessary knowledge already existed due to the employees of the Leuna factories in the former GDR. So why not use this and find innovative, new approaches?

This made Mammoet Deutschland one of the first new investments in the chemical park. International projects are coordinated and managed from Leuna.

What does it mean “to do the extraordinary”?

Integrated, intelligent logistics solutions are supplemented by special equipment assembly and large crane services. “What Mammoet does is realise the most efficient solution for its customers when combining the great and the complex. We are at home assembling major projects,” says managing director Krawczynski. Eighty percent of the company’s clients come from the chemical industry and refineries. “One of our main tasks is the erection and installation of reactors weighing several 100 tonnes. Only a few companies can build these particularly valuable systems.”

Almost everyone has seen it on the television, from reports: The implementation of houses because villages have to be evacuated or the positioning of the famous 670 metre long Waldschlösschen Bridge in Dresden. An imposing structure, which had to be positioned over a flowing river and the Elbwiesen grasslands on the Elbe River, at one of the widest points. The team of Mammoet Deutschland GmbH from Leuna organise such projects.

A team of engineers and specialists from different trades, sometimes of up to 30 people, plan, measure, calculate and solve this special challenge. In this way, the site of Leuna relocated the medieval fortress church, Emmauskirche, weighing 800 tonnes, from Heuersdorf to Borna. Only recently, the deep well of MIBRAG mbH was salvaged by Mammoet and a huge overturned excavator used in opencast mining was picked back up.

One of the most recent and internationally famous projects is the assembly of the new and necessary protective steel cover around the atom reactor in Chernobyl. The new steel cover has a surface width of 250 metres and a height of 100 metres. The Notre Dame in Paris and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London would take up less space than this. The presentation about the implementation and assembly of the cover alone needs a large team of engineers, fitters and crane drivers with special training.

A cooperation of theory and practice involves continuously new developments and innovations so we can economically supply our clients. Our employees receive special training to keep up with the extraordinary day-to-day challenges. This guarantees the effective and efficient procurement of knowledge. In order to introduce some ideas, which arise through day-to-day business, as innovations in the everyday working life, Jens Krawczynski maintains cooperations with many research institutions in Saxony-Anhalt; among which are the University of Merseburg, the Technical University of Freiburg and the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg. “For us, it is important that the institutes of research and development remain present at industrial locations and at intersections such as the chemical site. This is the only way to guarantee knowledge transfer between business and science and links our specialists and the necessary engineers to our site,” says the managing director of Mammoet Deutschland GmbH with a look at his vision for the site.

“The practical technical knowledge and technical research of universities should go hand-in-hand in order to continue to establish the site of Saxony-Anhalt as an innovative and internationally recognised investment site,” continues Krawczynski. The focus of Mammoet Deutschland GmbH in Leuna will be on the leading market of chemistry, but global themes such as CO² reductions and the demographic change will become increasingly important. In the future, we will continue to focus on the chemical and nuclear sectors, where the demolition of power stations is an important subject for the company.





Caption: Transportation of the reactors - exclusive

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