Russian investor relies on German engineering

“Germany is a great country!” Evgeny Petrov, a Russian manufacturer of safes and security furniture, is thrilled by the Germans and will build his own production facility in Saxony-Anhalt in the coming year. His company Promet Safe claims to be the largest manufacturer and retailer of steel safes and security furniture in Eastern Europe. Petrov would like to manufacture products for the German and Western European market at the new site in Halle. German workmanship is particularly important for him.

Evgeny Petrov made the decision to settle in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt not only for logistical and financial reasons. The 10 million euro investment was not financially supported by the state. In fact it was more about the people and the living conditions. With the universities in Halle and the surrounding area as well as the already established industry, the region provides qualified professionals that can be recruited for the new production facility. Even the cost of living is considerably lower in Halle than in other large cities, enabling a comfortable standard of living for future employees. Knowledge of Russian, which many people in Saxony-Anhalt have, is also a benefit. Evgeny Petrov knows that the success of its commitment in Germany depends on the quality and motivation of his employees.    

The 48-year old father from Moscow began selling safes and security containers from different manufacturers in 1991. Even then, the products of German manufacturing were of a special quality. However, in the meantime many German manufacturers were acquired by foreign investors or moved their production abroad. A trend that Evgeny Petrov intentionally wants to counteract with his new facility in Halle: German engineering is an important hallmark for him. The plans for the construction in Halle have already been completed, applications have been filed and the building permit is expected for January. As long the German winter permits, construction will begin in the Star Park in Halle. The goal is to begin production at the German site in 2014. Petrov then hopes for an even better connection between Moscow and Halle/Leipzig. The cities are currently connected by direct flights twice a week.          

However, Evgeny Petrov not only values Germany for its market. He enthusiastically describes his encounters with friendly and helpful people in Saxony-Anhalt, who go well with the Russian mentality. Petrov is therefore trying to impress his six children with the state and hopes that one day at least one of his children will study in Saxony-Anhalt. The language is no obstacle for this since his children are already learning German. His family has already accompanied him on a business trip to Saxony-Anhalt but there unfortunately was not enough time for outings. Petrov wants to make up for this in
 the future. The plan is to enjoy a wine-tasting trip to the Saale-Unstrut region. Petrov very much appreciates German wine, especially since it is far healthier than beer. The hearty German cuisine, however, does not score points with Petrov. He prefers light Asian dishes. Luckily for him that Saxony-Anhalt also provides for this. The Orchidea Huong restaurant in Wernigerode, which was awarded 13 points by Gault Millau, is now at the top of his visit list.

Author: Miriam Fuchs