Rubbing shoulders with industrial giants, Helo-Logistik GmbH is making good progress

The comparatively small Helo Logistics GmbH has set itself up well next to these large companies. From the Burgenland district, it especially serves the Eastern German market. "We only generate three to four per cent of turnover through forays abroad," says Managing Director Lars Franke. Helo's customers include a Central German foodstuffs manufacturer, as well as companies from the automotive supply industry, mechanical engineering and the steel and construction materials industry.

Helo Logistics is a young company. Qualified haulage specialist Lars Franke founded the company in 2004 together with his partner, Jörg Hexel. After acquiring experiences as employees, both of the young entrepreneurs took on responsibility themselves. The number of orders the company received was manageable during the first year. Today, the company loads more than 60 modern trucks thanks to constant growth. "We have grown with our customers", explains the 35-year-old Helo manager. He expects further growth in 2013, such that the high degree of efficiency will be given yet another boost. "Helo Logistics' business model precisely satisfies the market's requirements," affirms Franke. "As a medium-sized company with short response times and precise quality, we are always capable of serving our customers' growing requirements," he says. "Dealing with haulage contractors, especially drivers, fairly is a matter especially close to my heart," the manager continues. "We are familiar with the risks that sub-contractors face and try to minimise these together. Our fleet is modern, and all of the vehicles and the company itself are certified. We are synonymous with quality," Franke explains. The products and services that Helo offers range from organising all of the transport processes, over delivery, to checking and invoicing. Helo employees deal with import and export formalities for their clients, offer an advisory service and can also, if necessary, design packaging for shipment overseas. A total of ten employees ensure all-round support. At present, the Helo vehicles move 26,000 tonnes of freight per month. At the same time, they are travelling up to 600,000 kilometres. Franke says: "We are synonymous with quality at fair prices."

"We've had the best experiences with Helo Logistics," affirms Wolfgang Rasztovits, Managing Director of Rawoplast, which is based in Weißenfels. The Austrian investor in particular praises the company's ability to respond rapidly when problems suddenly crop up: "Halo always finds a solution."

Marco Mattern, a Saxony-based transport entrepreneur, has been driving for Helo Logistics for more than three years now. "I got to know Lars Franke when I started out as a company founder with one vehicle. This also resulted in me having five well-used lorries today," Mattern remembers. "The Helo manager is true to his word, has excellent payment terms and always ensures ideal vehicle use," continues the sub-contractor.
The decision made nine years ago in favour of Weißenfels as a location was a good one, sums up Franke. He goes on to explain that he considers the fact that there are so many large logistics companies active in the region as positive, because this also stimulates business. "For us as a medium-sized company, Weißenfels is a fantastic stomping ground, as here we can integrate ourselves into regional decision-making processes," says Franke of his chosen location. And Weißenfels gets something out of this, too. The logistics company is sponsoring the Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club [Central German Basketball Club] playing in the Beko Basketball Bundesliga [Beko Federal Basketball League]. What's more, the firm (which is well-networked in the region) also provides support for children's and young persons' teams.

Helo Logistics & Services GmbH
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