Investionsstandort Sachsen-Anhalt im Juni 2012

Biofuel and biogas from agriculture ensure a sustainable energy supply from local sources. Added value, sustainability and climate protection through heimische Bioenergie: These benefits were demonstrated by the German Renewable Energies Agency (AEE) during a press trip to Saxony-Anhalt as a regional focal point of the use of renewable energies in Germany. With around 6,800 employees in the bioenergy sector, 4,000 of which in biofuels, the sector makes a considerable contribution here to regional added value. Around a fifth of the German biofuels can be found in the "state of the early risers“ - and more than 50% of the bioethanol capacities.

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On the occasion of the inauguration of the new Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei filling plant in Freyburg, the state premier Dr. Rainer Haseloff praised the company as modern and innovative: "Rotkäppchen has succeeded in contributing to the unique success story of the state's economy. All of the factors came together here which were of benefit to the beginning of a reunified country. There was a brand behind which there was always a quality product, there was excellent management, highly qualified and motivated employees, the willingness for investments and innovation, there was a lot what we generally call the good fortune of the brave." The state premier continued: "The Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei is exemplary in its combination of tradition, innovation and quality far beyond Saxony-Anhalt. The company is firmly associated with the history and culture of our country. This means that Rotkäppchen stands as a top brand for itself, but also for Saxony-Anhalt and the economic success that is possible here."

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The global market leader in the sector of the outsourcing of customer services – Sitel - celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the Dessau site. The company can look back on more than 26 years of experience in this sector and was twice judged as the overall best provider of call centre outsourcing services in the annual Studie “Black Book of Outsourcing” by Datamonitor. “Sitel has now been present at the Dessau site for more than 10 years. We see ourselves as a partner of the region and are pleased to have taken part in the development of the region over the last 10 years”, says Christian Steinebach, Managing Director at Sitel for Germany and Eastern Europe. More than 1,00 employees serve the needs of international customers in the areas of customer care, technical support, back office etc. at the two sites in Dessau.

Glass companies from Saxony-Anhalt gain additional market shares.
After the Schüco Gruppe 2010 enjoyed its best year in the history of the company in terms of turnover in 2010, 2011 proved that climate protection does not sell itself. Despite these uncertainties, the leading supplier of aluminium, solar, steel and plastic systems for innovative and energy-efficient building shells managed to achieve the second highest turnover in the company's turnover in 2011 with 2.23 billion EUR (previous year 2.38 billion EUR). This corresponds to a percental decrease of 6.6 % compared to 2010. Almost 50 % of the turnover was achieved abroad. The equity ratio increased from 61.7 % to 65.3 %. The year average number of employees increased from 5,250 to around 5,400 (+3.2 %), of which 3,820 (+2.4 %) were employed in Germany. Investments amounted to 53 million EUR. The biggest investment projects were the expansion of the Schüco technology centre in Bielefeld.

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Investment location Saxony-Anhalt

SOLAR VALLEY Saxony-Anhalt at INTERSOLAR Europe 2012. Opening up of new markets, innovations for the end customer and groundbreaking marketing concepts take centre stage. The trade fair appearance under the umbrella of the Investment & Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt mbH (IMG) has "combining forces and innovation capacity" as its guiding theme this year. The trade fair is – precisely at these very difficult times – a very good opportunity for the German solar companies to open up new markets, particularly abroad. "We support the companies in the process as the order situation is of crucial importance to the future of the companies", explains Dr Carlhans Uhle, Managing Director of IMG. Read more about the exhibitors of Saxony-Anhalt.

Bayer CropScience opens European Wheat Breeding Centre. "The investment in Gatersleben by Bayer is a clear vote of confidence in the Biotech location of Saxony-Anhalt". Bayer CropScience officially opened its new Wheat Breeding Centre at the Gatersleben Biotech Park (Salzland District). Over approx. 1,400 square meters of greenhouse and laboratory space, the subsidiary company of Bayer AG, which specialises in pesticides and seeds, intends to develop new varieties of wheat that offer both an improved harvest and improved attributes for the Central European market. In addition to this, the new Wheat Breeding Centre, which has been constructed without any subsidies, is also set to coordinate the entire wheat breeding activities of Bayer in Europe. Click here to learn more about the new European Wheat Breeding Centre.

Pharmaceutical Research from Saxony-Anhalt. Probiodrug provides hope for "Alzheimer's pills". An innovative approach to the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, developed by the biotechnology company Probiodrug AG from Halle (Saale) could be the breakthrough in the fight against the "forgetfulness illness". The company is currently preparing clinical tests with an active ingredient that blocks the formation of a toxic protein that is involved in triggering this disease and which eventually leads to the nerve cells in the brain dying off, explains Probiodrug spokesperson and biochemist Dr. habil. Konrad Glund in an interview. Click here to read the interview.

Central German chemical parks - a global symbol of successful structural change. “Saxony-Anhalt is a land of innovation. The chemical park model developed here is testimony to this. Not only did the model offer a future for the local chemical industry following the fall of the Berlin Wall, it is now being copied across the world. We can therefore say with some pride that our region has played a pioneering role in the development of the chemical industry across the world. Read more about the chemical parks in Central Germany and also find a overview of the five chemical parks.

IMT GmbH from Saxony-Anhalt is the oil dialysis supplier to NATO. As a world’s first, the Luxembourg Army, a NATO partner, uses oil dialysis. Oil does not wear nor is it simply a consumable product, explains the Managing Director of IMT GmbH (Innovative Machine Technology) who has designed the process of oil dialysis, but a valuable resource. The use of oil dialysis is not only a considerable saving in costs related to oil replacement and waste handling, but also a saving in costs and resources related to the environment. This also means that through oil dialysis, EU directives and requirements on waste recycling can be achieved. Click here to read more about the oil dialysis.