Biggest producer of perforated plates from Raguhn

When Gottlob Heerbrandt established a wire weaving firm in Raguhn in the year 1861, he had no idea he was laying the foundation stone for a company that more than 150 years later would be one of the biggest producers of perforated plates – RMIG GmbH Raguhn! And he had no idea that in 2012, 'his' company would be appearing at the stand for the state of Saxony-Anhalt at the Hannover International Trade Fair (23 to 27.04.2012). 
"We make our money with holes," jokes Marketing Manager Gunnar Trautwein (34): "We manufacture all kinds of perforated plate." RMIG delivers its products to 60 countries worldwide and they are used in all areas where exceptionally high quality perforated plates from Raguhn are required - for mechanical filters, for sugar sieves in the food industry, for heat and noise control in vehicle manufacturing. RMIG supplies perforated sieves for dishwashers, high design quality radiator grills, and the list goes on. The products on offer from the Raguhn-based punching company also include high quality balcony and facade cladding. They aren't only weather proof, stable structures but architectural masterpieces that have the attributes of works of art. Whether it is the Oslo Opera House, which creates an unforgettable impression with its perforated facade, a shopping centre in Lyon or the Marthahof in Berlin... All have one thing in common: their external facades come from RMIG. "And don't forget the exterior facades on the new AUDI car showrooms. We've already manufactured those perforated plate facades," explains Gunnar Trautwein.

135 employees are working on the perforated plates around the clock: "We work in three shifts, six days per week.” In 2011, RMIG made 31 million Euros.

Looking back: A few years after establishing his firm, Gottlob Herbrandt employed 120 workers on 23 weaving looms. They manufactured sieves for paper companies. During the GDR, the company was called 'Prestara' (Press- und Stanzwerke Raguhn) and employed over 1,000 men and women. After the collapse of communism in 1989, the company was taken over by the Danish company the 'RM Industrial Group' (RMIG). "Our quality was valued and the managers decided that they really wanted to maintain and expand the location," highlights Gunnar Trautwein.

The strategy was a success: RMIG Raguhn is now the biggest producer in the company group and is one of the most innovative companies in the world. No wonder: The company's product range consists of over 1,000 perforated plate products. Of these, many items are 'off the rack' which are ordered in the shop and generally delivered to the customer within 24 hours. An important mainstay for RMIG. In recent years it has become clear that customers have higher expectations and are looking for individual solutions: "We've thought things through and extended our offering."
The idea is as straightforward as it is ingenious: "We are the assistant as it were, and are available to our customers as engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, qualified workshop managers with modern machinery or as project advisors for the realisation of their projects," explains Gunnar Trautwein. The advantage of all this: the 'assistant' means the contractor is free to get on with other things. The conditions are all there: highly qualified, motivated personnel and the latest technology form a perfect symbiosis.

RMIG Raguhn works with a range of wide and strip presses and several punching machines. Everything is CNC controlled and convincing thanks to the super accurate laser technology. "Despite all the modern technology, people are still the main focus of our company philosophy," explains Gunnar Trautwein: "Everyone should benefit from the success that we can only achieve together." Another company theme is transparency: "Is the order situation good or poor? Did we make mistakes? This information goes out to everyone. Everyone knows what's happening and can approach a corresponding member of staff if they have any questions." This transparency also means the employees get to know each other and their tasks: "For example, sales staff get to know those working the machines. And the staff working the machines get to know the sales staff. Everyone develops a greater level of understanding for each other. Everyone sees their own job from another angle which has a positive impact on everyone." The proof: RMIG Raguhn has a healthy structure of ages. Employees almost only ever leave when they are ending their careers and younger staff are promoted. "Older employees train their successors - their knowledge stays in the company."

Competence, experience, reliability - three basic conditions which have contributed to RMIG becoming a company that is acclaimed the world over. A company which will be attending the HMI on the stand for Saxony-Anhalt: "We attended the Hannover Trade Fair several years ago," explains Gunnar Tratwein, "but it was too early for us." Things look different now: "Saxony-Anhalt has developed further economically and we have also made progress," explains the Manager, "which we want to show off." He goes on to say: "Over 20 years after the fall of the wall, the economic potential of Saxony-Anhalt still isn't being appreciated or realised as it should be. With our appearance in Hannover we want to do our bit to make sure that this situation changes."

Author: Thomas Pfundtner

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