Pert trio with creative film ideas: “human warmth emerges through friction”


Ideas do somersaults in the minds of Jenifer Horst, Sara Gramann and Sebastian Stolze. They captured the wild notions and marshalled them a year and a half ago. The trio had a plan, a business plan. And with this plan the trio scooped the market in all three phases of the business plan competition “ego.-BUSINESS” in 2011. Today the three young entrepreneurs are sitting in their own office and doing what they can do best in their film production company: transforming ideas.Whoever looks for the firm “Vorlautfilm” on Brandenburger Straße inevitably has to pass many doors, behind which are many creative minds. Jenifer Horst, Sara Gramann und Sebastian Stolze have set up their studio in the immediate vicinity of the Magdeburg “Forum Gestaltung”, a nucleus of many innovative ideas. But this was not entirely without ulterior motives. “It is never boring with such neighbours”, explains Jenifer Horst.Boredom does not apply to the “pert trio”. “We have to clash”, says Sara Gramann. And she means that literally. “It also gets loud if we have different opinions.” However, something creative usually emerges when the argument is over. “Well, human warmth emerges through friction”, says Gramann and grins. It was like that in the course of academic studies.The three became acquainted while studying journalism and media management at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. When they had creative arguments during a project, they thought “that it would be useful to expand that creativity”. Moreover, none of them had intended “to belong to the internship generation”. Today they are sitting in their own office. Below the window there is a red sofa. The furnishings include editing equipment, screen and computers.The trio established the film and photo production company last summer and has had a lot to do since then. “Sometimes everything is going so well that we rub our eyes”, says Jenifer Horst. The State Chancellery commissioned “Vorlautfilm” with portraying Minister-President Reiner Haseloff (CDU) during the weekly video message that is broadcast in the YouTube Internet portal. They created an image film for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. They have an eye on media education and are working on a concept for workshops and seminars which are intended to reach children and adolescents. They are currently negotiating new projects with other potential clients.“Our company is based on three pillars”, explains Sebastian Stolze. Each of them is still sprouting. Films are the first pillar. They shoot image and corporate films. Documentaries and reportages shall be added later. Photography constitutes the second pillar: event documentations, production photography and press photos form the basis. And media education will be eventually added. “We do not want to beat around the bush with our knowledge”, they say self-confidently. They want to convey “practical aspects” and pursue questions like this: “How do children and adolescents deal with the flood of media?” Their studies benefit them in this context. “We are not only film students, but also have a journalistic background”, says Jenifer Horst. “Vorlautfilm” produces articles for print and online media, on a daily basis if required. SED cards are prepared for the film, theatre and fashion industry. “Vorlautfilm” utilises various photography techniques for photo projects. The trio produces for public and commercial media enterprises and has an eye on cross-media exploitation. The team offers seminars on “fundamentals of photography with digital single-lens reflex camera, pictorial design and post-processing” for adults. And they train course participants in terms of interview and argumentation techniques or video journalism.“We are full of energy”, says Jenifer Horst. “We want to utilise this in a variety of ways.” The business plan with which they won all three phases of the “ego.-BUSINESS” state competition last year is now taking on a functional form. They utilise a self-established network so that they can think and go in many directions. Young people, narrators, sound studio proprietors and photographers are part of this network. While studying the trio became acquainted with important partners who can help them today. “Magdeburg was the only place for us to establish our company”, explains Sebastian Stolze. “Here we simply know quite a few good people, and here there is still much to do in the creative scene.”And in the meantime, many creative minds in the region are aware of “Vorlautfilm”. The German word “Vorlaut” (pert) does not stand for finger lifting in a know-it-all manner”, say the two natives of Magdeburg and Sara Gramann, who moved here from Hessen. “Vorlaut stands for being different, for courage and clear visions.”As the trio sought for and researched a name for the company at that time, there were countless firms with the adjunct “film”. But they wanted to set themselves apart from the very beginning “and not be like so many others”. Eventually the adjective “vorlaut” (pert) tumbled out while driving a car. “It was perfect because everything can be personalised”, remembers Sara Gramann. Anyway, all of them are “pert”, a textbook example in terms of being resolutely stubborn. It is no wonder that the three rub each other the wrong way. But something pertly creative usually emerges in the end.Author/ photo: Manuela BockContact:Vorlautfilm GbRBrandenburger Straße 939104 MagdeburgE-mail: fragdoch@vorlautfilm.deWeb: