Saxony-Anhalt – a dynamic environment and a hotspot for hydrogen technologies

Saxony-Anhalt is a pioneer when it comes to building a green hydrogen economy. Numerous innovative ideas have already become lighthouses here. For example, how green hydrogen can be produced and used economically on an industrial scale, or how hydrogen could be stored safely. The country would like to become a center of European hydrogen technology and is looking for investors along the value chain.

At the World Hydrogen North America 2023 Conference in Houston, Texas, the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) presents strategies, players and best practice projects from Saxony-Anhalt. The leading trade fair for the hydrogen economy in North America brings together over 500 experts from the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. The aim is to find investors and develop Saxony-Anhalt into a center for European hydrogen technology.

The IMG presentation covers the hydrogen strategy in Central Germany, the extensive industrial infrastructure and selected showcase projects. Among others, the hydrogen village in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the electrolysis test facility and the hydrogen power plant of Linde AG in Leuna as well as the Bad Lauchstädt energy park with the underground cavern storage were presented. The plans to integrate the central German hydrogen pipeline into the European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative were also shown.

When developing relocation strategies, IMG follows the value chain analysis approach. It includes hydrogen production, storage and transport, distribution and sales as well as the use of hydrogen. Investors are wanted for all fields to diversify the country's expertise and create further synergies between the companies located there. Dr. Robert Franke, Managing Director of IMG, says: “Saxony-Anhalt has a high level of transformation competence, takes fast paths and is a dynamic environment for good ideas. It is a hotspot for industry and science and can therefore offer excellent framework conditions to companies.”