Major Investment in the Energy Supply at the Chemical Park Leuna

Groundbreaking ceremony for the extension of InfraLeuna’s GuD2 power plant

“Today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the extension and modernization of our GuD2 power plant enhances the leading role played by the Chemical Park Leuna by increasing the flexibility and competitiveness of its energy system. At the same time, this construction project represents the largest single investment by InfraLeuna since the restructuring of the Chemical Park,” said Dr. Christof Günther, CEO of InfraLeuna GmbH, on the construction site of the GuD2 gas and steam turbine power plant.

Together with the Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt Dr. Reiner Haseloff and Stéphane Stoll, Chairman of the General Management Board of Kraftanlagen München GmbH, on July 1, 2020 he took part in the formal groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of another gas turbine, a steam turbine, a waste heat boiler and the necessary peripheral facilities at GuD2.

The Minister-President Dr. Reiner Haseloff welcomed the investment: “The key to the ongoing successful growth of the site is a secure and affordable energy supply. In this respect, the investment will build the trust of the companies based in the Chemical Park and increase the chances that other businesses will move there. This project once again demonstrates the farsighted planning of InfraLeuna GmbH.”

The result of the modernization of the existing power plant will be an ultramodern gas and steam turbine plant with improved performance and a level of efficiency and flexibility that sets new standards. This investment by InfraLeuna, which amounts to around 145 million euros, will not only safeguard existing jobs at the Chemical Park Leuna, but will also lay the foundations for future growth.

The contract for planning, erecting and commissioning the plant has been awarded to Kraftanlagen München GmbH.

As the CEO of Kraftanlagen Stéphane Stoll explained: “The contract from InfraLeuna is another milestone for the Kraftanlagen Group and the energy transition. We are putting our expertise into planning and building more efficient and more controllable power plants with combined heat and power generation and integrating them into existing systems.”

InfraLeuna’s modernization of GuD2 represents a further improvement of and addition to the company’s comprehensive energy concept, with the aim of providing the companies based at the Chemical Park Leuna with an efficient and climate-friendly supply of electricity and steam at competitive prices.

Technical data for the new GuD plant:

  • Net electrical output: up to 117 MW
  • Maximum process steam output: up to 190 t/h
  • Fuel utilization rate: 84%


The Kraftanlagen Group – Solutions for the future

The Kraftanlagen Group is part of the Energies & Services division of the French construction company Bouygues Construction. It is a versatile partner of industry in general and the energy and real estate sectors in particular. Kraftanlagen makes use of ultramodern processes and technologies all over Europe. With more than 2200 employees at a number of sites, the Group provides a wide range of services and manages large-scale projects as a general contractor and also smaller projects in the fields of energy, construction and industrial plants.

Chemical Park Leuna

The Chemical Park Leuna is a dynamic, innovative and highly efficient location. Since 1990, both international organizations and medium-sized companies have invested more than six billion euros in the park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. Leuna has become one of the leading locations for the modern chemical industry in Europe.

The interdependencies between the chemical and energy sectors, a high-performance infrastructure and an excellent strategic position at the heart of the continent play a decisive role in ensuring the competitiveness and economic strength of the park. An impressive 10,000 strong workforce is employed there at more than 100 companies and produces 12 million tons of goods every year.

The long tradition of the chemical industry in the region has led to strong links with the people who live and work there. Specialists who teach and study at the universities in the area help to safeguard the innovative ability of the companies.

A wide variety of products are manufactured at the park. Its highly flexible and efficient infrastructure allows for the traditional mass production of chemicals as well as activities in the field of specialty chemicals, an area that many businesses are increasingly focusing on. While the advantageous connection to the refinery and the national pipeline network ensure the supply of essential raw materials, on-site research institutions provide suitable structures for the development of highly specialist products. The companies at the park benefit from an extensive, complex network of materials that promotes synergies.

The systematic implementation of the chemical park concept, with InfraLeuna GmbH as the independent operator of all the infrastructure, allows the synergies at the Chemical Park Leuna to be exploited and provides the ideal conditions for cost-effective and efficient production by the companies based there.

The comprehensive range of services offered by InfraLeuna includes the redundant provision of steam, electricity, fresh water and drinking water, together with wastewater disposal and a selection of complex logistics services. InfraLeuna is solely owned by the companies that run their own plants at the Chemical Park Leuna. It always puts the emphasis on the success of its customers’ businesses and the ongoing development of the park as a whole.