3DQR from Magdeburg receives a 7-Digit investment from bmp Ventures

bmp Ventures AG (“bmp”) and a business angel are jointly investing in 3DQR GmbH (“3DQR”). The innovative startup develops and markets a proprietary augmented reality technology based on standard quick response codes (QR codes). The company receives a low 7-digit amount of fresh capital, primarily from the IBG Venture Capital Fund III (IBG) managed by bmp. The managing director of 3DQR sees growth potential above all in the target group expansion and technological further development to a universal web platform for augmented reality. 

Founded in Magdeburg in 2016, the startup with a team of more than 30 employees has developed into an innovative technology company in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and combines AR with conventional QR codes for the first time in its patent-pending image processing algorithm. AR is the computer-aided enhancement of reality with additional features, i.e. the 3D representation of virtual objects (images, videos and animations) in a real environment with interactivity in real time.

Augmented Reality has become more than just a nice gadget. “We can offer customers a solution that is 100% bulletproof. In contrast to other AR systems, which require complicated learning of optimized images, our modular system makes it easy to create and maintain augmented reality content and place it anywhere on products and print media. All you have to do is position a QR code that is easy to scan and that guarantees that the 3D content is displayed quickly and error-free at all times – even without a permanent Internet connection,” explains Daniel Anderson, founder and managing director of 3DQR, who has been involved with this still young technology since he started working as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer-Institute.

Growth potentials for 3DQR result from the further development of the application possibilities. The 3DQR app is currently mainly used in the areas of education and training as well as marketing and sales by industrial companies, but is also interesting for the target groups retail, hospitals/doctors, museums, gaming and music industry and many other industries.

On the other hand, vertical integration and added value are to be expanded with the introduction of an in-house web platform. Here, for the first time, users without any IT knowledge can create the complex AR application independently, automatically and in a time-saving manner.

“We are enthusiastic about the combination of innovative technology and simple usability in a cutting-edge market. In this context, 3DQR is focusing on a data-driven business model with the market launch of its innovative web platform. With our investment we support the enterprise with capital and know-how with the technical advancement as well as expansion of marketing and selling activities in a still young market, says David Stuck, responsible Investment manager at bmp. “Given the current traction and unique technical features (USPs), we are confident that the joint investment will quickly be reflected in the scaling of 3DQR”.

About the IBG Funds

The IBG funds based in Magdeburg are the venture capital funds of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. The IBG funds provide equity capital to innovative companies with sustainable and above-average growth potential and a registered office in Saxony-Anhalt. At the beginning of 2017, IBG launched the new risk capital fund RKF III with a volume of EUR 84 million. The fund is financed by funds from the state and the European Union and invests in innovative companies in Saxony-Anhalt in the business phases of seed, start-up and growth. The IBG funds are managed by bmp Ventures AG. www.ibg-vc.de

About bmp Ventures

With an experience background of over 250 investments from almost all technology sectors, most of which are in the early stages, bmp is one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany. In addition to direct investments, bmp has also managed venture capital funds for KfW Bankengruppe and DEG – Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft. bmp currently manages the IBG funds in Saxony-Anhalt and the Early Phase Fund Brandenburg. bmp has around 20 employees in Berlin and Magdeburg.

Source: 3dqr.de