CPhI 2021 – Saxony-Anhalt attracts pharmaceutical companies to its centres of excellence

With an annual turnover of more than one billion euros, the pharmaceutical industry is the most important investor in the healthcare sector. The characteristic feature of this industry, which is growing in size in Saxony-Anhalt, is its ability to innovate. Therefore, the state aims to benefit from the restructuring of global supply chains in the pharma sector and encourage companies to move to its centres of excellence.

“The pandemic has revealed the weaknesses of globalisation. The government and industry are rightly discussing the benefits of reshoring strategies, which involve returning production to the company’s original country, particularly in the pharma sector, with the aim of reducing the dependency of our industry on foreign competitors,” says Thomas Einsfelder, managing director of the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG). “Together with partners from the industry, we will be actively marketing our centres of excellence, our expertise and our services in Milan.”

IMG will be joined on the Saxony-Anhalt stand at the exhibition by Wessling GmbH, GETEC AG and Novoplast GmbH to present the state as the ideal location for pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies. The team is looking to actively recruit new members to join the existing pharmaceutical family in Saxony-Anhalt. The focus will be on presenting the sites that are ready for immediate development at the centres of excellence in Saxony-Anhalt and demonstrating the outstanding innovations, interdisciplinary working conditions and extensive research activities in the state.

Wessling GmbH, a prominent laboratory, testing and consulting company that covers the whole of Europe, selected its location in Landsberg in the Saale district as long ago as 1990, not far from the Weinberg Campus centre of excellence in Halle (Saale), the largest innovation hub in the life sciences and material sciences industries, and within the catchment area for the central German airport region. GETEC AG, one of the leading energy service providers for the industrial and domestic markets in Germany, which began life as a heat contracting company in Magdeburg in 1993, is also located at this centre of excellence and benefits from its proximity to academic and research institutions. By contrast, Novoplast GmbH specialises in the production of small-diameter hoses for the medical technology industry. After becoming established in Halberstadt, the company was able to make use of the first-class expertise in medical technology and plastics processing in the location.

“At CPhI we want to invite other companies, alongside the existing businesses and research facilities, to benefit from the outstanding features of the location and the comprehensive business development service that we provide in Saxony-Anhalt,” adds Einsfelder, summarising the support offered by IMG Saxony-Anhalt.

You can find the Saxony-Anhalt booth in hall ICSE (2/4), stand 4K98 

Background: Saxony-Anhalt as a location for the pharmaceutical industry

The state has an established pharma and vaccine industry and is the birthplace of homoeopathy. In addition, it has a long tradition as a location for the chemical industry and is home to research companies, manufacturing facilities and universities, which work closely together throughout the entire value chain, together with high-performance clusters and networks. It is this mix that makes Saxony-Anhalt so successful as a location for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Three factors are of particular interest:

  • Because of its long history as a location for the chemical industry, Saxony-Anhalt has become an important centre of excellence for fine chemicals in Europe. It is home to a wide variety of companies and research institutes with highly specialised expertise.
  • Specialist industry parks, such as the BiopharmaPark Dessau, offer services to companies in the sector that enable them to focus on their core business. The pharmaceutical companies based here benefit not only from the specialist infrastructure and service network available at the location. The close proximity between the businesses also allows them to exploit synergies, which include the production and packaging of pharmaceutical products, plus research and development. The BiopharmaPark Dessau has become a global centre for pharmaceutical technology and biotech. For more information: www.invest-in-saxony-anhalt.com/center-of-excellence-biopharmapark 
  • The specialist infrastructure and funding system in Saxony-Anhalt supports pharma start-ups, for example at the Weinberg Campus centre of excellence, the second largest technology park in eastern Germany. It is now the largest innovation hub in the life sciences and material sciences industries in central Germany. More than 70 companies, institutes, facilities and service providers in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine, environmental and medical technology, nanotechnology and IT have made the technology park their home. For more information: www.invest-in-saxony-anhalt.com/center-of-excellence-weinbergcampus
  • Saxony-Anhalt is the heartland of the eastern German chemical industry. It is one of the world’s most attractive locations for the chemical industry and generates annual revenues of around eight billion euros. The state has a total of five chemical parks, all of which are centres of excellence. For more information: www.center-of-excellence-saxony-anhalt.com/centers-of-excellence 

Information about the locations and exhibitors from Saxony-Anhalt is available here: CPhI 2021 (invest-in-saxony-anhalt.com)

Background: CPhI Worldwide 2021

Launched in 1990 as an international trade fair for chemicals and pharmaceuticals, CPhI is now one of the most important exhibitions in the world for the pharmaceutical industry. It functions as a forum for manufacturers, suppliers and customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and covers all the active pharmaceutical ingredients, together with outsourcing solutions, equipment and biotech systems. CPhI Worldwide in Milan takes place from 9 to 11 November and, for the first time, is expecting visitors online as well as on-site.