15th German African Energy Forum

Energy Transition through Africa’s lens

Date: June 1st & 2nd, 2022

Location: Hamburg, Emporio Tower

While most African nations produce little carbon, they are most affected by the consequences of climate change and at the same time are the key partner for the decarbonization of the global economy. It is wrong to believe that these effects are only of ecological nature because currently it is economic factors that play a major role in achieving a green transformation for growing industries in Africa. Nations are faced with countless restrictions and little financial support to enable their energy markets to grow – let alone grow green. Many of the discussions around energy transition are dominated by the perspective of industrialized states. On the one hand they understand the necessity of enabling the African continent to access the immense renewable energy potential but grasp little of the challenges that African governments face in implementing new
structures. This mismatch leaves a gap that needs to be addressed – or else we will not meet our climate goals nor will Africa achieve the Agenda 2063.

The transition of Africa’s energy landscape is not only the change from fossilfuels to green energy supply. It is a transition from no energy to basic
infrastructure, from non-reliable to stable energy, from local to regional grids, from mini- and mega- to scalable projects, from public to private investments and from outdated to modern systems. And after all Africa’s successful energy transition needs one headline: local value addition and job creation.

  • But how will an African led energy transition look like?
  • And how will African nations become not only exporters of green energy but hubs for green powered production?

Key Topics:

  • Renewable Energy (solar for industry, transition of hydro, financing RE)
  • Hydrogen (cross-sector partnerships + consortia, framework,implementation)
  • Transition (gas-to-“value creation”, green(er) production, financing transition)
  • Infrastructure (grid, regional integration, logistics, stable supply etc.)
  • Innovation (green fuels, smart systems for transition etc.)
  • Finance & Framework (access to finance, PPPs, regulatory framework in RE and energy supply)
  • Value addition (job creation, shift of supply and production, sustainability)
  • Community (networks & lobby’s, establishing successful consortia)

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