Food Industry

Best production conditions for food

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That tastes good to us! The soils here are among the best in Germany and yield field crops of special quality and in great quantities. We have known for a long time what constitutes good foodstuffs. This is particularly why our entrepreneurs spice up their choice of products with increasingly refined, fresh ideas. Our recipe: convince with proven products – and become a talking point with new products!

An Industry is Growing

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The food industry in Saxony-Anhalt provides employment for about 22,500 people. It is among the most employment-intensive sectors and combines companies which produce foodstuffs or beverages.

As a result, the food industry generated a total of 7.7 billion euros in 2014. It leads the manufacturing industry as the sector with the highest turnover.

Companies have been able to gain further acceptance abroad: turnover increased to 1.2 billion euros (2013). This corresponds to an export share of 15.2 percent in total turnover. Products from Saxony-Anhalt are valued, particularly in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands.


  • Near 22,500 employees in 176 plants generate annual sales of around 7,7 billion euros (2017)
  • Around 1.2 million hectares used for agriculture, of which around 85% is arable land (the highest proportion in Germany)
  • Grain cultivation on more than half of the arable land, especially wheat and barley
  • Efficient agricultural businesses, high yields thanks to the most fertile soils in Germany: many areas have the maximum soil value of 100

Companies of the Food and Beverage Industry

Companies of the beverage and food industry Saxony-Anhalt