Bio-Based Products

In Saxony-Anhalt we have understood the cycles of nature, think 'bioeconomic' and thereby are scaled for success - with products made of:


Not only can wood be used for excellent construction: It is suitable for a lot more. Wood is a raw material with a broad impact, which can be used in many industries and economic sectors.

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As a raw material, plants play a key role in converting the economy into a sustainable bio-economy. Through research and innovation, they contribute significantly to the handling of national and international challenges.

Sustainable leather fashion thanks to rhubarb - rhubarb technology GmbH

Leather is usually tanned with a chemical. But this can turn into a highly toxic substance under unfavourable influences - even in finished clothing. The fashion label "deepmello" from Bernburg in the Salzlandkreis therefore tans its leather with rhubarb.


Plants produce an incredible variety of natural substances. It is therefore no surprise that man should make the most of this variety. They have been used to treat illnesses from time immemorial. Even today, this traditional knowledge forms the basis of many medicines which are produced from plants.

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Oils & Fats

In the industry, bio-economy can do far more than substitute crude oil: Renewable raw materials - such as oils and fats - can be processed into enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, chemicals, lubricants or plastics by means of biocatalysis.