Wind Energy

Wind Power Generators in Saxony-Anhalt

The most modern wind turbines don’t just turn in Saxony-Anhalt – they’re built here too. In Magdeburg, the German market leader Enercon builds the largest wind power stations in the world.

A prototype for these 200 metre-high “soft giants” is currently in operation in Egeln, near Magdeburg, and alone generates 7.5 Megawatt (MW).


  • Most important renewable energy source: 62 % of energy generated from renewable sources comes from wind power (2014)
  • Wind energy in the national grid: Wind energy plants in Saxony-Anhalt feed around 2,200 million kWh into the network each year (2014)
  • Enercon in Magdeburg: Largest production location with over 3,000 staff, production of all components including concrete component towers, rotor blades, kingpins and mainframes
  • Professorship for renewable energies/wind energy at the University of Magdeburg