Minister Haseloff and Daehre authorise instrument flying traffic for Cochstedt: Scheduled flights already from October 2010 on

Minister Dr. Haseloff emphasised: “We have been working intensively towards this day for so long. It paid off. Cochstedt now has good chances for the future and starts off at the right time as the economy is growing again.” Minister Dr. Daehre said: “The regional airport Magdeburg-Cochstedt has passed all necessary safety checks. Therewith, it fulfils all safety standards which apply to the international air traffic.” The District Administrator of the rural district Salz, Ulrich Gerstner, sees the operation authorisation as an “important milestone” for the further activation of the airport Cochstedt. “Therewith, the hope for new employment rises. Over the past years, it was so important to hold on to reaching the goal of the entire air traffic”, the District Administrator said.

Peter Sølbeck, co-owner of the airport, explained that the first destinations have already been determined. There are already three sunny destinations each with multiple departures per week scheduled, to the summer schedule (March 2011) multiple new European and international destinations and at least two further airlines will be added.

Within the 4 months since the acquisition of the airport, the Danish Airport Development A/S has invested 650,000 Euro on its own expense for the improvement of technology and hired ten new employees. Airplanes such as the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A 320 are able to approach the airport Cochstedt. For Peter Sølbeck, this is the final plunge to establish the airport in the national and international level. For that he expressed his gratitude. „This progress was only possible in this short amount of time due to a dedicated and efficient co-operation of all involved parties, first and foremost of the Federal and Regional Authorities, however, as well as of the private companies. Special thanks go to the Department of Trade and Industry and to the Department of Transportation”, Sølbeck declared.

According to the owner, even the development of the airport as a training centre is in full operation. On site, there are already two apprenticing companies, the gaetan-data Berlin as well as the IPC Institut für Personalberatung und Coaching (Institute for Personnel Consultation and Coaching), with an education capacity in phase 1 of 30 participants. An expansion is planned. In the close-by constructions at the airport, a hotel has opened on July 1st, 2010, for the present with 18 beds.

Sølbeck presented the further development of the airport. In the upcoming weeks, a 1,000 m² industrial hall will be attached to the existing passenger terminal as a transitional solution. The airport will invest 1 Mio. Euro including installed equipment. Therewith, the start of the passenger air traffic in October 2010 is secured. Another 25 new jobs will be created this way. At the turn of the year 2011/12, this transitional solution shall be replaced by a new construction. The total capacity of the passenger terminal will then be more than 5,000 m². Investment funds amounting to another 2.5 Mio. Euro will be required for that.

All expenses will exclusively be financed through the private owners. “We would like to transform Cochstedt in to a modern and attractive location for commercial passenger flights”, Sølbeck explains. Step by step further jobs shall be created.



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