Fortum’s growth project Bio2X has a mission to to enhance the usage of environment friendly materials. This will be achieved by manufacturing high-value products from agro-residues and woody biomass. Modern fractionation technologies form the core of Bio2X.  We will fractionate biomass in industrial-scale biorefineries to the main components and further process these to high value-added products. The biomass is separated into lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose with high yield and purity. These fractions will be used in many industrial applications and consumer products such as textile fibers and sustainable paper, nonwoven or packaging solutions. Biorefineries have clear positive impacts to economy by enabling the flexible utilization of locally available raw materials and services and creating high-quality industrial employment while developing bioeconomy competencies.

Fortum has started a project to build ecosystems around bio-based technologies in Central Europe, and is inviting interested partners to co-operate along the value chain. As part of this work, Fortum is evaluating the profitability of the possible biorefineries and assessing the feasibility of a biorefinery that would be based on straw and hardwood as possible raw materials. In the first phase of the evaluation in August 2020, Fortum will select a few alternative sites for more detailed feasibility study. Sachsen-Anhalt is one of the potential regions for a future location with especially straw as raw material. Project development will take up to three years. At this point there is no certainty if the feasibility study leads to any definite investment decision for Central Europe. The first assessment of such a potential investment will emerge from the feasibility study in 2021.

Fortum’s first commercial scale biorefinery based on bamboo feedstock is under construction in Assam, India, in a JV company owned by Fortum, Chempolis, and Nurmarlighar Refinery Ltd.

Despite the Corona virus situation the project is proceeding as planned and  we have also strengthened our team by recruitment of Project Development Director and Straw Supply Chain Manager to be situated in Germany and several technical and commercial persons to be situated in Finland.