WIPAG opens tech center for individual plastics recycling in Gardelegen, Germany

WIPAG has put into operation a technical center for individual plastics recycling at its site in Gardelegen, Germany. With this investment, the recycling specialist is further expanding its technical capacities for the development and testing of products and processes on behalf of customers.

"This includes, in particular, the objective of also developing recycling solutions in our technical center for materials that previously had to be disposed of by our customers," says Frank Kriebisch, Managing Director of WIPAG.

As a link between test laboratory and large-scale production, the technical center is an essential part of WIPAG's "Recling as a Service" (RaaS®️) offering. To realize customer-specific requirements, new technologies are developed, tested and adapted there. Energy-efficient digestion processes are then used to recycle thermoplastic waste into high-quality compounds suitable for use in a wide range of applications, for example in vehicles and sports equipment. In the closed-loop process, the customer retains ownership of its production waste throughout the entire process.

"When processing industrial waste, the aim is to reconcile quality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in order to establish recyclates as an alternative for virgin materials. With the help of mechanical recycling, the technical center enables us to implement new approaches to solutions and to respond to individual customer requirements," says Thomas Marquardt, Managing Director at WIPAG. "Our processes and analyses make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in the production of compounds, while at the same time being able to offer products with high purity and virgin material quality."

WIPAG is a specialist for the production of compounds using plastics processing as well as the implementation of individual recycling management concepts as part of industrial waste disposal. Using innovative recycling technologies, the company processes plastic waste streams that are then reused as valuable materials in the products of well-known brand manufacturers. The high-tech, lightweight construction compound "WIC," which is made from secondary carbon fiber, is also part of the WIPAG sustainable portfolio. Established in 1991, the company now has more than 80 employees at two locations in Germany and has since 2018 been part of the family-owned and globally active Otto Krahn Group.

Source: www.wipag.com