HYPOS hydrogen network receives funding of 2 million euros

State secretary Dr Jürgen Ude presents grant to the HYPOS hydrogen network

Leuna. State secretary in the Ministry for the Economy Dr Jürgen Ude has presented a grant to the HYPOS hydrogen network. The network, which has more than 150 members, has been carrying out research since 2013 into the innovation potential of green hydrogen along the entire value chain. In the period up to 2032, HYPOS will receive a grant of two million euros made up of funding from Saxony-Anhalt and the German government.

“Hydrogen is a versatile fuel and will play a key role in the energy transition,” said state secretary Ude. In the former coal mining area of central Germany, which has been known for decades as an industrial and energy region, hydrogen produced using renewable energies has the potential to gradually replace fossil fuels, maintain existing industrial centres and safeguard the supply of energy in the long term. In combination with its hydrogen strategy, Saxony-Anhalt has begun the transformation of the central German chemical region.

Over recent years, 34 joint projects in the HYPOS network, which have been funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, have carried out research into the innovation potential of generating, storing, distributing and using green hydrogen in the chemical, refinery, mobility and energy supply industries. “The hydrogen innovation cluster will enable HYPOS to continue and promote regional and national cooperation between businesses, research institutions and governments. The potential and the competitiveness of the region will be increased and the well-established collaborations between the partners will become even closer,” said HYPOS board member Thomas von der Heide.

The presentation of the grant coincided with HYPOS beginning work in its new premises in Leuna. Guests from the worlds of research, business and politics can find out more about the Hydrogen Lab Leuna by taking a guided tour. The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES provides an electrolysis testing and evaluation platform that is the only one of its kind in Germany. It can be used for trialling and developing innovative technologies for the generation and use of green hydrogen.

Source: mwl.sachsen-anhalt.de