New location opened: Dataport expands software development in Halle

The IT service provider Dataport officially opened its new location in Halle today. The decision to move to Kaiserslauterer Straße 75 had become necessary, among other things, in order to create space for the growing number of employees. The approximately 56 employees and the new software development team have already moved into the new premises.

Dataport has been active on site as an IT service provider in Saxony-Anhalt since 2013. In the course of digitization, the demand for high-quality IT services has increased significantly in recent years. This growth is reflected in Dataport's ever-increasing demand for personnel. Accordingly, Dataport is building up a software development team at its locations in Halle and Magdeburg, which is expected to comprise 40 people next year. Half of them will work on-site in Halle on innovative solutions for digital public administration.

Johann Bizer, CEO of Dataport: "We rely on software developers from Saxony-Anhalt. Public administrations are becoming increasingly digital. Citizens as well as businesses expect to be able to apply for parental benefits online or register a business. This is made possible by the many committed employees who work with us to help shape digital administration." All in all, the applicant situation in Halle was good.

Halle is also playing an increasingly important role for Dataport as a training location. Dataport trains apprentices in 13 different training and study courses. There are currently four training places available in Halle for dual computer science students. From 2020, IT specialists for application development will also be trained at the location.

The establishment of an IT qualification and training centre in Halle is also planned for next year. Around 150 training participants* from state and municipal administrations will then be trained weekly in the Kaiserslauterer Straße in the use of IT applications or made fit for the requirements of digital cooperation. All training courses are offered in cooperation with the Education and Training Centre Saxony-Anhalt.


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