Investment location Saxony-Anhalt in October 2012

Global market leader Styron puts new rubber line into operation in Schkopau. The American company Styron has put their new production line for high-performance rubber in Schkopau chemical park into operation after a year of construction time. The new line will allow them to deliver an additional 50,000 tonnes of various rubber compounds per year to all premium tyre manufacturers. Read more here.

Company from Barleben signs cooperation agreement with PowerCell Sweden. Saxony-Anhalt is to become the European centre for fuel cell development. In the presence of the Minister for Science and Economic Affairs, Prof. Birgitta Wolff, 'Elektromotoren- und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH' (electric motor and appliance engineering) and 'Powercell Sweden AB', signed a cooperation agreement. Read more about the mobility industry here.

Fraunhofer Centre opened in Leuna/ Haseloff: New Opportunities for the Chemical Industry
The Fraunhofer Chemical-Biotechnological Process Centre (CBP) was opened today in Leuna in the presence of the German Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel. The Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, stated: "The search for alternatives to finite fossil fuels, such as petroleum, is one of the major challenges facing humanity. I am pleased that we can make an important contribution towards putting future resources on a broader footing by opening this Fraunhofer Centre. This will open up new opportunities for the chemical industry." Read more here.

Minister-President Dr. Reiner Haseloff attends opening ceremony of a new Nordlam GmbH manufacturing facility in Magdeburg.
"The northern industrial area in Magdeburg-Rothensee represents successful structural change in Saxony-Anhalt. It also makes clear the importance of a well developed infrastructure for industrial settlements. With connections to the A2 motorway, the railway system, to the Elbe and the Mittelland Canals, this is an ideal company location," stated Minister-President, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, at the opening of a new Nordlam GmbH manufacturing facility in Magdeburg today. Read more here.

€3.7 million expansion investment in the Altmark region.
Construction has started on an additional warehouse for the company 'Sturm' in Tangermünde. The project involves an investment total of €3.7 million. The state of Saxony-Anhalt has funded 35 percent of the project. From this, the 50,000 square meters of existing warehouse space is to be expanded. The warehouse, whose construction began with a symbolic 'breaking of ground', is set to be completed in February 2013. Read more here.

Investitionsstandort Sachsen-Anhalt im Oktober 2012

Foreigners create jobs.
Saxony-Anhalt is popular among foreign investors. “The best proof of this is the highest investment rate in the comparison of East German federal states”, explained Minister of Science and Economic Affairs Birgitta Wolff. Since 1991 the state has sponsored more than 330 corresponding projects. “An investment volume of almost ten billion euros and more than 20,000 newly created jobs are behind this alone.” Read more.

Summertime Rock in the City of Iron.
Music festivals use huge amounts of electricity. In the Ferropolis, stored solar energy will soon be providing the kilowatts required to power the concerts. In a location where brown coal was the be all and end all for energy production for many decades, a 'walk-in energy revolution' is being prepared by a team intent on making use of sunlight. Read more.

Renaissance of ship mills. High-tech materials and modern generators make a source of energy already utilised in medieval times have a promising future again. A look back to the past is sometimes worthwhile for energy sources of the future. In medieval times there were hundreds of ship mills on the banks of our rivers which utilised the power of flowing water. Read more.

Fundation stone laid in Ballenstedt - Kuhmichel Recycling GmbH invests around four million euros. "We believe that Ballenstedt in Saxony-Anhalt offers the best possible conditions for Kuhmichel group capacity expansion. For ourselves and our current and future staff, we are hoping for strong business with a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, specialist plant", said managing directors Dirk Grundei and Kerstin Knein at today's laying of the foundation stone for Kuhmichel Recycling GmbH. Read more here.

New projects in the MAHREG Automotive cluster. MAHREG Automotive is implementing a number of new projects as part of the regional initiative ELISA. These are presented in the latest issue of the innovation cluster newsletter. One project is reducing the mass of electric bicycles and pedelecs. The chainless e-bike "X-PESA", which features on the front page, is one example. Another project is the development of a lightweight, energy-efficient wheel hub motor; three cluster companies and the IMS institute at Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, are currently working on this project. Read more here.