Swiss investments in Saxony-Anhalt

When Swiss companies look towards Germany, they are increasingly focusing their attention on Saxony-Anhalt. Not without reason: Successful companies have already made the move to Saxony-Anhalt and are benefiting from the complimentary service package provided by the Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH (IMG).

This includes individual advice for all matters, the highlighting of subsidy options, the search for suitable locations and support of the interests of Swiss companies vis-a-vis regional representatives from politics, business and culture.

Successful investments of companies from Switzerland in Saxony-Anhalt

Further Information

Switzerland and Germany are traditionally closely connected to one another in terms of business. This is particularly clear in foreign trade and direct investments. Germany is the leading trading partner in Swiss foreign trade, with regard to import and export.  In terms of foreign direct investments in Germany, Switzerland is in third position.

In 2015, companies from Germany exported goods to a value of CHF 48,5 billion to Switzerland, while goods to a value of CHF 39,6 billion were imported from Switzerland.

In 2016, companies from Saxony-Anhalt exported goods to a value of 536,5 million Euros to Switzerland. Goods to a value of 564 million Euros were imported from Switzerland. Thus, Switzerland ranks on 10th place among the import countries for Saxony-Anhalt.