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  • July 2010

  • 23.07.2010 Data safe for the highest safety standards

    Online banking, sending emails, saving customer and company data: laptops and computers are used every day. But what happens if the computer is stolen or the laptop is left on a plane? There’ll be no happy evening looking at family photographs. But it’s especially difficult if confidential customer documents are saved unprotected on the company laptop and get into the wrong hands to be read, distributed or even misused. How can the constantly growing amount of saved data be protected safely? The staff at DIGITTRADE, from Teutschenthal near Halle, have taken on this challenge and developed an encrypting hard drive called “High Security”, currently one of the most secure methods of protection against data theft. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 eng_Datentresor für höchste Sicherheitsansprüche

    eng_Bankgeschäfte am Computer erledigen, Mails verschicken, Kunden- und Unternehmensdaten speichern: Der Umgang mit Notebooks und Computern ist Alltag. Doch was passiert, wenn diese Geräte gestohlen werden, das Notebook im Flieger vergessen wird? Nichts wird es mit dem gemütlichen Abend, um die Familienfotos zu bestaunen. Doch besonders heikel ist es, wenn auf dem Firmen-Notebook vertrauliche Unterlagen von Kunden ungeschützt gespeichert sind und in fremde Hände geraten, eingelesen und verbreitet oder gar missbraucht werden. Wie kann die stetig wachsende Zahl der gespeicherten Daten sicher geschützt werden? Dieser Aufgabe stellten sich die Mitarbeiter der Firma DIGITTRADE aus Teutschenthal bei Halle und entwickelten eine verschlüsselnde Festplatte mit dem Namen „High Security“, eine der derzeit sichersten Möglichkeiten um sich gegen Datendiebstahl zu schützen. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 Hugo Junkers Innovation Prize shines with a high quality specialist jury

    Saxony Anhalt's Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Reiner Haseloff has found a number of personalities from the economy, science and education for the jury of the renowned Hugo Junkers Innovation Prize 2010. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 Paddle wheel power plant on the Elbe as an environmentally friendly alternative

    "The mill rattles at the murmuring brook…" even the old folk song sings of the use of water power in ancient times. In those days, millstones, saw mills and hammer mills were operated. Now, the energy of the water, if the conditions allow it, is used to generate electricity. The environmentally friendly alternative in the form of a floating hydroelectric power plant on the Elbe is causing a sensation in Magdeburg. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 INVESTFORUM Saxony-Anhalt, 8 and 9 September 2010, Magdeburg

    The target of the INVESTFORUM Saxony-Anhalt is supporting innovative and technology oriented companies in start up or growth phases to acquire appropriate (equity) capital. Furthermore, venture capitalists, business angels and other financiers will have exclusive contact with selected, growth oriented business start ups and young entrepreneurs. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 September 25th 2010 “Day of Energy”

    In the Science Year 2010 – The Future of Energy, the nationwide Day of Energy is taking place for the first time on 25 September 2010. The sponsors of the Science Year Energy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the initiative Science in Dialogue and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres, are issuing invitations to participate in the Day of Energy. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 Logistic location Saxony-Anhalt - RoadShow Sea ports, Rostock, 19 August 2010

    A hinterland location introduces itself. On August 19th an information event for interested companies, Chambers of Commerce, shippers as well as manufacturing industry is taking place in Warnemünde, Hotel Neptun, as part of the 7th Baltic Transport Forums of the DVWG to present the logistics expertise of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 White sails – Bitterfeld, the town by the sea

    Blue skies, thin white clouds drift by and yachts rock in time with the waves – holiday idyll. An everyday view for harbour master Jörg Pietzsch. But the 37 year old does not look after holiday makers and leisure skippers on the Baltic Sea. “Here we are at what is probably the most beautiful, recently created lake landscape in the centre of Germany, the Goitzsche-See lake south of Bitterfeld”, explains the qualified sports manager from the bottom of his heart. read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 25. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Valencia, September 6th to 10th 2010

    The conference and the trade fair grew quickly to become Europe’s largest special conference in the photovoltaic energy sector. In 2009 the trade fair took place in Hamburg where 943 exhibitors informed themselves about the latest developments in the photovoltaic industry, attracting 44,180 visitors from 102 countries.

    read more tweet Print
  • 23.07.2010 Prize for Innovation and Climate Protection 2010 to be awarded

    The German gas sector is awarding the prize for Innovation and Climate Protection 2010 in two divisions: read more tweet Print