The Saxony-Anhalt company Hawi-Tec is one of the ten biggest plastics cutting and machining firms in Germany

The employees at HaWi-Tec produce the highest precision plastic parts on 21 modern CNC machines, including 15 milling and 6 turning machines. (Photo: HaWi-Tec GmbH & Co. KG)

The specialist for cutting machine elements and components also serves customers in the medical technology sector.

In the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, components made from modern, lightweight plastics are playing an increasingly important role. HaWi-Tec GmbH & Co. KG manufactures cutting-edge construction elements and assemblies with the highest levels of precision. In addition to conventional construction thermoplastics such as polyamide (PA), polyoxymethylene (POM) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the company also processes modern high-temperature plastics such as polyetheretherketone (PEEK), polyethersulphone (PES), polyetherimide (PEI) and polyphenylene sulphide (PPS).

A success story that’s based on quality and innovation

The company “HaWi-Tec” was founded 14 years ago by the investors Hans-Lothar Hagen and Peter Wittler. In recent years, the company has developed into one of the ten biggest companies for the cutting and machining of plastics in Germany. Its location has certainly contributed to its success: thanks to the favourable location of the “Queis-Dölbau” business park in the south of Saxony-Anhalt, which is in the immediate vicinity of the A14 motorway and just 15 kilometers away from Leipzig/Halle Airport, HaWi-Tec benefits from an excellent logistics location that ensures great links with both its raw materials and customers. The cutting-edge production processes at the company ensure high quality and innovative manufacturing.

The company currently has 77 permanent employees, including five apprentices. Two dozen mechanical engineering students, most of whom are from Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, also strengthen the company in the area of manufacturing. With 21 state-of-the-art CNC machines, including 15 milling machines and 6 lathes in a production area encompassing some 1,500 square meters, the machining specialists can manufacture almost any machine component to be specified by its customers. In this context, the materials to be processed meet all the conceivable requirements: starting with a wide range of conventional thermoplastics through to modern high-performance plastics which have a higher resistance towards high temperatures, as well as a wide variety of organic and inorganic solvents.

Efficient production processes for “just in time” manufacturing

The company maintains a consistent focus on efficiency: all of its milling machines and lathes are equipped with the same control system which makes the staff training on the systems and their operation considerably easier. The company manufactures its products on the basis of a three-shift system, six days a week. “The time between the acceptance of the online order, the manufacturing on our CNC machines and the delivery is often just two to three days,” highlights Managing Director Hagen.

The flexibility and efficient organisation that is achieved on this basis has borne fruit: it enables the company to complete the increasingly popular small-batch manufacturing of components and assemblies both quickly and at a consistently high level of quality, which is continuously controlled in several steps throughout the entire production process.

Expansion with and for the customers

HaWi-Tec GmbH & Co. KG serves customers from a variety of industries, ranging from medium-sized manufacturers of filling systems and businesses in the chemicals industry through to manufacturers of vacuum systems. “We have consciously chosen to position ourselves in the market on a broad basis and want to avoid one-sided dependencies on big customers,” says Hagen. This is a lesson that was learned from the economic crisis of 2009. At that time, several key customers left the mechanical engineering sector.

At present, the company’s key area of business is the supplying of components and assemblies for machinery in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition to others, its customers also include specialist mechanical engineering firms such as Bosch, Groninger, Gerhard Schubert and OPTIMA. A success achieved due to the company’s growth and the increasing specialisation: in 2010, its subsidiary company, HaWi-Med GmbH & Co. KG was founded for the processing of customer orders from the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. It naturally fulfils the ISO standard 13485, which is required for plastic products used in the area of medical technology.

The company will also be attending the joint stand of Saxony-Anhalt at Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen. There it hopes to gain new customers from the medical technology sector in particular, as many of the leading companies in this field are based in Southern Germany and Switzerland.

Author: Uwe Seidenfaden

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