Knowledge stored and available world-wide with KMcloud made in Bernburg

Knowledge helps to see and understand the world around us. However, the more data you have, the harder is the search for a specific piece of information. This is where Pumacy's services can help businesses: "They can save knowledge in a structure of their choice," says Dr. Toralf Kahlert, founder of Pumacy. He refers to KMcloud, a cloud solution that is designed to save, develop and manage different formats of knowledge and information such as project experience, minutes or FAQs. With preconfigured forms and processes, no form of knowledge will be lost.

Developing such a software solution requires competence, creativity and a solid funding. Pumacy received a total funding of €1.2 million from Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt, Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen and further private investors aiming at accelerating marketing and sales of the niche product and bringing it to a larger market.

"We have been focusing on complex business solutions", says Toralf Kahlert. Individually tailored knowledge management solutions are still key to success for Pumacy. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, biotech company Celltrend or the US company TE appreciate this strategy.

"With the investment we will reach a far greater market", declares Toralf Kahlert. "First, we will widen our customer base to universities, researchers but also to students and trainees." They will have the opportunity to use KMcloud free of charge. "Almost everyone who lives a productive life has the highest need to save knowledge in digital form. KMcloud can be a really helpful tool for them providing clear structures to manage knowledge easily."

Things get really exciting when knowledge is exchanged with others. Teams and learning groups of any kind can work together in KMcloud. This is the most essential part of the business model of Pumacy: according to the amount of knowledge and experience to be stored, communities can hire web space at €4 per month for each community member.

Right at the start of the CeBIT in March a pilot of the solution will be provided to selected users. At the same time public relation for KMcloud will start. In early summer the new KMcloud system will be available on tablets and smartphones.

Toralf Kahlert gained a doctorate degree in engineering. He is strategist and visionary, imaginative and persistent. He was born in Bernburg from where he has been operating his business for more than ten years. Today the company group employs more than 50 people and runs offices in Berlin and Leipzig. When did he first sat down at a computer? "At the age of 14 at a KC 85 in school." A couple of years later, at the age of 25, he founded his first business, at that time Germany's first online travel agency that is still operating to this day.

In 2000 he founded Pumacy and then entered the dynamic software sector. Although local limitations do not exist for a flexible market player like Pumacy, the company is still located in Bernburg. "Merseburg, Köthen, Wernigerode, Magdeburg ... for our high qualified personnel from all over Saxony-Anhalt, Bernburg is the center point." They live here with their families. Saxony-Anhalt means home for them. "This is a significant factor as at Pumacy we do not have a large fluctuation."

Does Toralf Kahlert still have a dream? "Yes, we want to catch up with the big players", he admits and refers to Evernote, Dropbox, ResearchGate. He is fully aware of the fact that he won't reach his dream with a first funding. "Funding will be the most important topic for the next few years." Competition is tough. Compared with other countries in Germany there are less venture capital investors who are not intimidated by a funding of more than half a million Euro." Therefore, he has already started his search for new investors.

Bildtext: Dr. Toralf Kahlert
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