Usability is not a cliché

UCD+ brings its customers into the future

The agency is a service provider for user-centred design, usability and application development. “User interfaces for machine control as well as software, mobile and web solutions are our core business. We provide the tools for the digitalisation of processes”, says Bastian Ehl. In addition to corporate groups such as Volkswagen or Siemens, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering as well as electrical engineering are among the customers from UCD+.

Rethinking a product requires courage. But it also promises success. For example, the cooperation between UCD+ and Ollendorf Mess-Systeme shows this. Ollendorf specialises in ocular optical measuring instruments and is among the leading worldwide manufacturers in this field. A static video centration system was further developed into a mobile version by Ollendorf with the help of UCD+. Today an optician measures by means of tablet together with measuring attachment and app – a world first! Under the name “visuReal” the video centration system provides opticians with all necessary data for correct grinding of eyeglasses.

 The advantages of the development are so obvious that visuReal has already been translated into 30 languages and is being used worldwide. For instance, the software not only ascertains the necessary measurement, but also sends these directly to the connected glass manufacturer for production. Moreover, the customer can also “put on” their desired frame per video in the shop thanks to the app.

At UCD+ the first question in a conversation with customers is always: What do users want, what makes working easier for them? The answer to this is not always found on a desk. This is why the experts from UCD+ analyse the utilisation environment of the desired solution on site if possible – in factory halls, on assembly lines or in agricultural utility vehicles. For instance, the entire switching surface had to be exchanged after every change of system with a machine manufacturer for food production. Together with UCD+ the switching system was exchanged for a large display with a touch-based user interface. Now only the user interface has to be exchanged per software update during any change of production system, instead of exchanging the complete switching system.

“We are more at home in the world of engineers than in the colourful world of advertising. User-friendliness is the DNA of our company. Our solutions always follow the three classic pillars of good usability: effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction during utilisation. The interdisciplinary 15-person team from UCD+ consists of usability experts, programmers, engineers, designers and project managers. There are also close connections with partner enterprises. In addition to Magdeburg, the agency has a branch office in Berlin.

Bastian Ehl, managing director of UCD+
“The Ollendorf company was courageous and completely rethought their product, and consistently relied on digitalisation while doing so. What emerged is an innovative application which makes the work of opticians easier, takes up less space, is cheaper and also measures much more precisely. And along the way Ollendorf became world market leader as a result.”

Hans-Joachim Ollendorf, owner of Ollendorf Mess-Systeme
“The demands of customers on a new pair of eyeglasses are high. As a manufacturer of ocular optical measuring instruments we stand by our responsibility and see ourselves as committed to innovations. With UCD+ we have found a partner that has shown us technical possibilities which delight our customers and at the same time significantly improves our position on the market.”

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