The investment location of Saxony-Anhalt in July 2013

Made in Germany: IBM expands local IT services. IBM opens an IT Services Centre in Magdeburg / Up to 300 new jobs in the IT sector created
The Centre is part of a global initiative by IBM to systematically strengthen its local presence by offering IT services locally, but it will serve international clients as well. In the new IBM Services Centre high-value services will be offered. These include development and maintenance of IT applications as well as consulting and systems integration for local and international clients. In this way, IBM can satisfy its customers’ growing demand for flexible solutions which enable them to make optimal use of the potential offered by innovations such as big data, cloud and mobile business technologies. Read more.

Enterprise Creates More than 30 New Positions in Genthin
‘The industry is currently experiencing fierce competition globally. Consequently, investment in Europe should not be regarded as a matter of course. Our economic policy must create the type of positive conditions that ensure a competitive environment for domestic industry and in doing so, secure jobs and prosperity. I am pleased that a business as successful and dependable as Solvay has chosen to make such an investment in Genthin. This kind of investment secures the location and strengthens it for the future’. Read more.

Hi-Bis Plant Celebrates Topping out Ceremony
Nearly nine months to the day after the foundation stone ceremony celebrating the expansion of the Hi-Bis GmbH manufacturing plant, the builder joined together with craftspeople and Hi-Bis employees to hold the topping out ceremony. The joint venture Hi-Bis GmbH plans to use the new site to double its production starting mid-2014. An investment of €50m assures that new jobs will be created once more. The new plant will still manufacture speciality bisphenol, a type of chemical compound used by Bayer AG to produce a brand of highly heat resistant and transparent polycarbonate called Apec®. Read More.

A World First in Membrane Technology
In 2009, Petra Göring und Monika Lelonek decided to take the entrepreneurial leap and opened SmartMembranes GmbH in Halle (Saale). With its one-of-a-kind ultrafiltration membrane, the young enterprise is raising the technological bar, especially thanks to intensive support from the European Regional Developlment Fund (ERDF). Monika Lelonek – a trained business chemist – and Petra Göring – an engineer specialising in the development of new technologies – have spent almost four years pouring their combined energy into developing their SmartMembranes GmbH. The product that the two chemists have come up with is unique the world over. Read more.

Saxony-Anhalt as an investment location in June 2013

Construction Site for Bits and Bytes: T-Systems Decide to Build Germany’s Largest Data Centre in Biere. Hartmut Möllring – Minister of Sciences and Economic Affairs – was at the massive T-Systems construction site in Biere today to see how the project was coming along. “It says a lot about Saxony-Anhalt as a centre for industry and commerce when an international enterprise such as T-Systems decides to undertake this type of flagship project here,” the Minister declared. He was particularly impressed by the fact that construction was proceeding on schedule despite the extreme duration and intensity of the previous winter. According to the Telekom subsidiary T-Systems, the largest data centre in Germany will be built in Biere, just 30 kilometres south of the Anhaltinian capital Magdeburg. When the final stage of expansion is complete, the server farm and its 34,200 square metres of Gross Floor Area of IT will take its rightful place alongside Europe’s largest data centres. Read more.

Chinese Company Invests in Saxony-Anhalt / Haseloff Signs Agreement in Berlin.
China-based Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co. Ltd. is set to expand its commitment in Saxony-Anhalt. On the occasion of the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Germany, the agreement was signed at the Chancellery in Berlin today with the German Chancellor and Chinese Premier looking on. The signatories were Minister-President Reiner Haseloff, Greatview CEO Jeff Hua Bi and Halle Mayor Bernd Wiegand. The company has agreed to invest a further €38m in Halle, thereby creating an additional 26 new permanent positions in the city. Read more.

Glass from the Börde on the World Trade Center
Adorning the first 20 floors of the new and nearly completed World Trade Center (WTC) in New York is specialty glass from the Osterwedding-based firm f-Glass. Standing at 541.3 metres, the finished structure will be the tallest building in the United States. How was it possible for a company from the Magdeburg Börde to land such a contract? As the head of f-Glass, Thomas Belgardt pointed out, “Our principal shareholder is Interpane from Lower Saxony. They specialise in large-scale public construction projects and managed to secure the contract.” Read more.

Swiss Specialists Celebrate Start of Operations in the Harz
Wernigerode. On Friday, the US Engineering Deutschland GmbH officially went into operation in Wernigerode. Urs Schweinfurth, the Swiss investor who is underwriting the €2.4m commitment and after whom the company is named, signalised to the Volksstimme that he expected to see “organic growth” in the coming years. Read more.