Clear, secure and impermeable – windows from Haldensleben are triply classy!

Stefan Brömse was 28 years old and had studied mechanical engineering as he decided to open a company for window construction in Haldensleben. “Had I looked in the “yellow pages” back then I probably would not have been so brave”, says the native of Oldenburg. Of all those companies which had a similar idea for starting a business, Brömse GmbH & Co. KG shines out crystal clear today. It will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2013 and has definitely profited from the experience in the industry, which is at home here in the region. The permanent workforce – and likewise its expertise – has grown from 10 to 100 experienced carpenters and window fitters. The turnover in 2012 amounts to roughly 20,500,000 euros.

Stefan Brömse leads through his business. The large components for plastic and aluminium frames initially catch the eye. A lot of light in the rooms and a good view outside are among the modern attributes of living quality. The frames for windows and doors as well as panes become increasingly larger. They are supposed to bring perspective, also insofar as energy costs are concerned. “Windows are always an interesting topic”, says the company owner knowingly. And then he enumerates the requirements which his windows and doors must satisfy to a large extent. In addition to sound insulation and anti-burglar security, “zero energy loss” is very high on the wish list of his customers. Of course it should not get mouldy in the residence with all the “impermeability”.
“The technical development in recent years makes safety glass and heat protection glass with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.5 to 0.7 possible in the meantime”, says Stefan Brömse, adding that 50% of his orders provide for the installation of such triple-glazed window panes.

They are ‘weighty’ in the true sense of the word. A triple glazing weighs about 30 kilograms per square metre. Such a window pane could only be manually “heaved” with difficult physical effort. But this is not the case in Haldensleben. The boss is also far-sighted insofar as the health management for his employees is concerned. Here the installer only needs to press a button, and then the previously scanned pane is automatically retrieved as required and lifted onto a wagon in a glass sorting plant. Glass breakages hardly occur in the Brömse operation. Back problems are just as seldom.

His manufacturing plant is absolutely one of the most modern in Europe, says Stefan Brömse with pride. “The entire production is controlled online. All workstations are interconnected and have computer screens.”

Production times can be shortened through the automation, which enables the Brömse firm to supply their customers in a period of up to four weeks. “Only very few can do that”, points out the window manufacturer. Among his customers in the 500 kilometre vicinity of Haldensleben are German specialised retailers with high-quality assortment and construction firms which build or renovate solid houses of corresponding quality. The fact that customers in the hotly contested marked have remained faithful to him for years speaks for an achievement.

“And a marriage is held here”, says the company boss as he stops. Frames and casements are united forever at this point of the manufacturing plant. A beautiful couple! About 1,500 such “bridal couples” – and with them roughly 100 house doors – leave the plant each week. Every product complies with the customer’s individual wishes in terms of form and design. For example, tones of wood can be reproduced in about 40 different colours. Brömse shows his innovative solution for the ventilation problem on a small framework construction.

The company will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. And the city will also be celebrating. After all, Brömse is the fifth largest employer in Haldensleben. Many employees have already been with the company longer than ten years – and are gladly there, because a corporate culture which is missing elsewhere is “lived” here!

Whoever guarantees a clear perspective in terms of quality assurance despite triple glazing naturally also has the foresight in the future. Stefan Brömse is investing sustainably and even providing training for his young skilled workers – starting with his own son. He was trained in the company as a machinery and plant operator.

Kathrain Graubaum

Brömse GmbH & Co. KG
J.-G.-Nathusius-Straße 23
D-39340 Haldensleben
ph: +49 3904 66710