When Microbes are up to no good


Two Magdeburg-based engineers have dedicated themselves to biofilms. Five years ago, they founded their own company. LAGOTEC GmbH is dedicated, among other things, to sensor technology, with whose help microbial residues can be recognised in conduit systems.


Daniel Goll (33) and Lars Teichmann (35) have established their small company in the Magdeburg Science Harbour. Here, they feel happy, with no regrets about the step from pure research at Magdeburg-Stendal university into business. As academic employees in the field of chemistry, the two young men focused on biofilms, which had already played a role in the writing of their theses. The mutual interest in the same topic inspired them. After a short period of time, they had the idea to venture into self-employment.

In their own company, a technological solution was ultimately developed, to measure and investigate the biofilms and other deposits in pipe systems. The sensor developed by LAGOTEC is the only one in the world which investigates the focus of microbial contamination where it develops, i.e. on the inner walls of pipes and containers. In doing this, the process is not disturbed. “This not only enables a reduction of the costs for biocide products and reduces downtimes. It also makes a contribution to protecting the environment,” says Lars Teichmann. “Up to now, it was only consulting specialists in such systems which made it possible to combat the contamination in a targeted manner at the right time.”

A patent for “Deposens” capped this research work. The handy device can be used, for example, in cooling circuits or conduit systems in the paper industry. Up to now, obtaining really realistic values for the contamination was only possible in a laborious way. All necessary data is now recorded by a sensor, which forwards all the details directly to the user or the process control system.

“We have already fitted 40 such technical solutions on behalf of our clients,” says Daniel Goll satisfied. And these do not just do their job in Germany, but also in China, Spain and Great Britain. At the moment, the engineers are developing a new device. This should make it possible to take samples of biofilms directly from sensitive places in the production process in order to be able to investigate the specific composition, for example.

For the two businessmen, Daniel Goll and Lars Teichmann, their commitment has paid off. In May this year, they were included as a “Selected Landmark” in the list of “365 Selected Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”. For Saxony-Anhalt, the commitment of the men is proof of the good general conditions concerning the settlement of the company. They see the decision not to leave the Bundesland as something quite normal. Daniel Goll hits the nail on the head, “For our step, there is a simple explanation, friends and family. We are very attached to our homeland.” And Lars Teichmann adds, “Five years ago, we had the choice of looking for a job somewhere else in Germany and leaving Saxony-Anhalt or staying here and creating something of our own. We decided together to try our lick in Magdeburg with our own company. In doing this, we are able to realise our dreams and lose ourselves in our work.”

Author: Klaus-Peter Voigt

Caption: The two managing directors of LACOTEC GmbH Daniel Goll (l) and Lars Teichmann with their “Deposens” development. As a result, biofilms can be proven in pipelines, for example.



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