Fighting Environmental Disasters with “Magic Wad”

“Actually, we discovered it by accident” says Susanne Jenke, Project Manager, who is currently responsible for the commercial launch of Deurex® Pure both in Germany and Europe. “With the attempt to produce a new, micronised wax for our customers in the paint and colour sector, we suddenly had this wad-like white substance in our hands and realised that this substance absorbed oil excellently.” Actually, this substance was discovered at DEUREX Pure GmbH in Elsteraue, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, already at the beginning of this year (patent pending) – long before the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico took place. “In the beginning, we thought of using the product with fire fighting units, petrol station operators, river maintenance departments and port operators. Simply everywhere, where oil may have contact with water and might harm the environment”, says Susanne Jenke. At this time, nobody thought of the oil layer in the Atlantic Ocean. However, “Magic Wad”, as Deurex® Pure is dubbed by our employees, may actually be the decisive answer to this problem. DEKRA, an independent test institute, attests that DEUREX® Pure has an extraordinary high fraction of binding agents. One hundred kilogrammes Deurex® Pure are capable of binding more than 600 litres of oil. However, to be able to really be of help in the Gulf of Mexico, it would be most effective to build a production site in the US in order to avoid expensive transports of DEUREX® Pure. “Because fighting the oil layer would take extensive quantities and, to do that, we would need a partner that also contributes financially”, says Torsten Rödiger, Marketer.

DEUREX® Pure may also be used with pollutions caused by diesel, solvents such as toluol or tensides and alcohol. And: The wad – wrapped into net-like bags or hoses – does not sink even if completely soaked and may be fished out of the water at all times. Additionally, it is possible to use the product under rough sea conditions and, even in under such circumstances, it does not leave any residues in the water. Currently, the discoverers even think about reusing this wad, which would be another advantage in terms of customer service/care.

Based on this extensive demand of today, the production of Pure as a second main pillar of DEUREX seems realistic. Because: at our premises in the Elsteraue industrial park we receive requests for this “Magic Wad” on a daily basis. “I just received a mail from China”, explains Torsten Rödiger. “A business man who was desperate to find solutions to fight disasters in his home country.”

In Dalian, a seaport town, fishermen have siphoned off thousands of litres of oil from the surface of the sea. According to estimates of Greenpeace, more than 60,000 tons of crude oil had polluted the sea.

In addition to 6,000 tons of micronised waxes produced in Elsteraue for industrial applications every year, the 60 employees located here could even produce Deurex® Pure “Magic Wax” in the near future. Because danger is at hand, alleged 780,000.000 litres of oil float in the Gulf of Mexico alone. “Pure does not leave any residues in the water, i.e. there is not solution which is more environmentally friendly“, says Susanne Jenke, Project Manager.

For more than ten years, DEUREX has been located in the Zeitz Chemical and Industrial Park in Elsteraue, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. This site situated at the three-state-triangle of Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony provides ideal conditions for industrial locations. Be it via rail, motorway or air way – Leipzig Airport is only 40 kilometres away – all transport opportunities are available. Hardly surprising that more than 50% of those areas which are already completely developed, i.e. 232 hectares, are already taken. Here you can find a wide range of business segments that reach from adipic acid products, production of high-grade base oils in a waste oil refinery and generation of adhesives for various applications through to the production of special waxes for the paper and cosmetics sector.

Up to the present day, a total of 87 million Euros have been invested into a new infrastructure which even complies with international standards. Environmentally friendly technologies, network and pipeline connections, which may modularly be enhanced if required by the investors, guarantee that companies are always adequately supplied. At the moment, there are still 75 hectares available.


Author: Dagmar Perschke



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